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A sea of change … for democracy in Zimbabwe.


Hello to one and all.

Around the globe, most people would like to have the freedom (and live) in a democratic society.  In Zimbabwe,  the last few days have

seen crowds erupt into celebration at the sight of military vehicles and soldiers parading through the streets.  Now, as the world looks on at a possible coup, there are certainly political changes afoot.

Negotiations are going on behind the scenes to persuade President Mugabe to step down, and it is understood that he has insisted that he cannot do so and legitimise a coup.

The military maintains this is not the case, but there is intense international pressure to use constitutional means to resolve the political crisis. Negotiators are said to be poring through Zimbabwe’s laws to find a legal way out amidst this sea of change – demanded by the ‘people’.

One thing is for sure, no matter how long things take, love and truth will ALWAYS prevail.

Keep positive and strong everyone.  AscensionForYou


A sea of change … for democracy in Zimbabwe.

A man takes a selfie of a Zimbabwean Defence Force soldier standing on a tank during a march in the streets of Harare

Celebration’s in Zimbabwe as the Army take to the streets.

“Please understand, to those without food, water, clothes, shoes, and who live in a regime without democracy and freedom of choice, I hope you will understand, in the end, those barriers of fear and pain which are attempting to crush or bind minds in age-old doctrines, will come crashing down under the weight of a tsunami of tears.

Thoughts and feelings of being free from persecution will flow through love and light, which will well up and flood, dispersing evil,  then the hearts of truth shall live and breathe fresh air once more.

Previous attitudes and practices of suppression have no place at all (and never will), within this new age of peace which needs to envelop every human being in truth. It is demeaning upon so many levels of life and consciousness, and not only to those who attempt to impose their will, but for those who are manipulated, cajoled, or forced to accept or comply to another’s ideas or way of existence.

Through democracy, a balance will be struck, whereby love for the country and population can endure! Amen.”

  PS.  Remember, we are all ‘one’.


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May you keep shining every day. God bless you all, Dave -AscensionForYou- Knight.

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