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A Little Pick me up...

Updated: Nov 14, 2020

Hi, I'm so pleased to connect with you on this earth-plane journey ... and very humbled to be able to share guidance from my inner voice too. This might arrive in the form of the written word, or through pictures or even short videos - but whatever way they materialse, may they resonate inside you ... and remind you of the love and power and your own innate Divinity within your heart. May you embrace and allow it shine from, through and to you.


"My love is free - as your 'Divinity' ... and like a beacon it illuminates infinitely beyond the boundaries of your home, or wherever else you reside. By withdrawing from the impermanent world (even for a short while) into stillness and peace, you will become energized and motivated in your well-being. The well of your heart is the place where you can quench the thirst within your Soul. In addition, strength and power will follow through the nourishment of love and truth deep inside you. Amen."   (Excerpt from A Pocket Full of God) Remember, each day provides you with the opportunity to become the best version of yourself. Try to be more joyful and watch your whole life change for the better. God Bless.


PS. If you have a question regarding any asect of spiritual development and you would like to see it covered within a blog post, please contact Thank you.

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