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3rd Feb 2013 ‘KEEP ON DREAMING’ from I AM I:The In-Dweller of Your Heart – Ascens

Welcome to one and all! Hope you have had a good week, staying truthful to yourself, and to the love within and all around you too!

This blog hopes to encourage and inspire the reader, the aspirant and the devotee  of truth, and ultimately help each and every soul to understand and answer three questions,  ‘Who am I, why am I here, and where am I going?’ As each post that you read is written by ‘inner-dictation’, these snippets an also form an invisible link between all our hearts, while resonating deep within you, to help guide you towards your own goal of self-realization, and into bliss and eternal peace.

Here is another extract,  taken from  the recently released  I am I: The In-Dweller of your Heart (Part II).


Welcome to you all! There are many of you within the world who are still unsure of what is truth and reality, and what is the illusion and confusion. This can be related to living within a dream, or moreover a nightmare, which leads to anxiety, uncertainty and a longing for an escape from one’s many fears.

   Some feel that while you walk upon the earth, you are actually living the dream. Perhaps it is a life full of luxury, in a decadence of some kind? For others, it may be an overwhelming joy and a dream just to have a roof over your head, clothes upon your back with food and water to consume. So i ask you, will it forever be that humankind seeks or sees this division … between so called rich and poor, and the different colors and creeds of man?

     Know that it is important to realize and understand the mind, and how it tries to manipulate and bend your thoughts and desires. Some call it the ‘monkey mind’ for obvious reasons, as it takes effort to control it, especially when your senses get manipulated, persuaded and directed away from the heart and the truth.

     Indeed the eyes will often see the worst of things, your ears will hear Chinese whispers, your tongue will often speak untruths, and your hands may try to manipulate or bend to false will … and so instead of the sweet fragrance of my love, the atmosphere can be drenched and smell with many fears of the unknown.

     So, how can you change or deflect the impostors of false character and personality? Well, you could start by becoming like those dreams of your deep sleep. In these, have you not felt ‘free’, to be yourself … experiencing joy, friendship and love? Do not misunderstand me though, because you are all already free in the true sense of the word.

     This is because your heart cannot be contained by walls or fences, and cannot be imprisoned by dictators, captors or any evil suppression. Because this is so, your love cannot be weakened by distance or time. It transcends both, and cuts through them more easily than a knife in soft butter.

     True love grows and knows, and it remains beyond the veil of bodily death. It does not fade like those of fleeting memories or the dreams in those levels of subconscious, where the mind clings on in its own demise, trying to still control your thoughts and subsequently your actions. No, here I am talking about the dreams which I provide for you …some call these ‘God’ dreams  … or Divine interactions.

     Understand that most of your dreams will relate to your feelings and actions of your daily lives, with the so called stresses and strains impacting to, through and from the mind and its subsequent interpretations. But, when needed, you will sense differences, some subtle, that indicate a different, higher frequency and resonance.

     As your energy spirals through the chackras of your mental, emotional and physical body, they then radiate through to your higher self. These in turn filter though the ether, and those negative vibrations to where my love flows like water over rock, cleansing and clearing through the murky depths of the mind.

     Then you will sense me; experience me, knowing me as a free bird, floating through and upon the thermals in the sky. Here you can fly with ease, both far and wide across the earth plane and / or beyond. Such dreams you receive from the heart are therefore more colorful and profound, and they can help you tremendously … because of the information they contain. Remember, no dreams are actually alike, even if they are believed to be, just like 2 flowers of the same variety can never be the exact same, in the size of its petals, or stem.

     What they can provide you with are the clues, revealing the bigger picture. Sometimes when you awake, the realization can be like finding the missing piece of the jigsaw puzzle, enabling you to see (or rather become a witness) to the bigger picture.

     I appreciate that there will be people who state, “Why don’t you just tell us how to solve our problems?” but please remember, your lives are the result of your own actions. In each, you have your own lessons to grow and understand. Visualize being in a school classroom, how much would a pupil learn if the answer was already upon the blackboard? Believe that I will never leave you for you are never alone … how can you be, if I reside within your heart and you in mine?

     I would now like you to think about something for a moment, something you would like to dream about. Is it an earthly dream, perhaps to be rich, to have less stress, to have a job, perhaps become healthier, or even to be famous? Or, do you place your trust in your true self and in me, taking each of your days, months and years in your stride, in the knowing that through faith and love I am with you, releasing you from the false fears that the mind attempts to trap you with? Understand, I know what you need … rather than what you want or desire.

     Sometimes it will help you if you become more childlike. Not through being irresponsible, mischievous or overly needy, but by being more inquisitive, selfless and carefree. These attributes can be attained more easily through being content, and having more understanding of your fellow man and nature.

     Another aspect of your daily lives can be the mind which constantly searches or begins to waver i.e. daydreaming. So, do you daydream, or do you focus on the activity or job in hand? Do you ever find your attention drifting, momentarily basking in those physical desires, dropped like coins into those wishing wells of hope?

     Just believe that I will never drain away any of your aspirations, or concerns, from hearts of truth and love. It is impossible for me to do so, because we are ‘one’. That is why I know you all, every single being and soul throughout all time, energy and dimension.      As such, I do not need or want for anything, but I do desire you to understand that through the self-realization of your own Divinity, you will remove the need of dream worlds to find your true purpose and existence.

If you have ever been (or are) in love, you will know that it’s power and essence cannot be quantified. Some may feel that they cannot eat, sleep or concentrate, until another heart has joined their own … and one’s stomach will turn, with a constant longing to be together.    This love and feeling is true and pure, while faults are dismissed and contentment fulfils each and every moment as one.  Happiness prevails because there is no coercion, no manipulation and it cannot be forced or made by anyone’s hand.

     My love and our love is even more unique, as it is permanent, everlasting and cannot fade, unlike two hearts which fall out of love …perhaps through complacency or  lack of tolerance and mind control over your bodily senses. The love I speak of is no illusion or dream. It is found when man rises above the mind and body consciousness to live from, through and to the heart.

     I fully understand the paths that you each take and the whys, what’s and wherefores. Each life can make dreams come true, lifting the broken in will or spirit. Not one soul should have to dream about having a full stomach or a thirst that needs quenching, to have but one friend, to find shelter, to live without fear and pain, or even dream that they wish they were somewhere or someone else.

     Remember too, that what any man believes as imperfection cannot be, for you are all perfect within my heart. Characters and personalities may contain many flaws which greatly affect others, but inside of you all, the Divine flame and spark, however illumined or obscured it may be, resides within.

     By living in truth, and joining hands of love and light with your neighbor, the world can shine infinitely more brightly. All it takes is the contentment and perseverance of, and for each soul, so that bridges can be built; and mountains moved in the name of peace and truth.

     Now ask yourself this day …is this a dream? If it is, find the strength within you to make it a reality. Know you have the power and strength to unite under the banner of love, and shine together into eternity. Realize the mind may say no, but the heart may say yes … so learn where the real dream starts, and the false dream stops. Go and fulfill your destiny, world without end. Amen.


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I will continue to post extracts from them which I hope you will find informative, uplifting and encourage you to become the best person, human being and soul that you can be! Remember, parts 1 and 2 (and in 2013 -part 3), have all been collated with and through ‘inner dictation’ from my speaking heart to yours … so enjoy!

Copyright © 2012 by DPK Publishing. All rights reserved.

May you keep shining each and every day.  God bless you all, Dave -AscensionForYou- Knight.

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Here are the links again to part one of the series

I am I : The In-Dweller of  Your Heart.

  1. Paperback and eBook via  / Kindle

  2. Paperback and eBook via / kindle

  3. Other available reading formats via  Smashwords

I am I: The In-Dweller of Your Heart – Video Trailer 

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