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11-11-2012 REMEMBRANCE SUNDAY with I AM I:The In-Dweller of your Heart – AscensionForYou

Welcome once again to the AscensionForYou.

As promised, please find the Lesson entitled ‘Remembrance’ from our latest book, due out in December  I am I: The In-Dweller of your Heart (Part II) 

It will shortly be available as a paperback via Createspace / Amazon and as an ebook via all the usual formatts/ channels. Parts 1 and 2 and in 2013 -part 3 have all been collated with and through ‘inner dictation’. I will continue to post extracts from them which i hope you will find informative, uplifting and encourage you to become the best person, human being and soul that you can be!


Welcome. As you sit, you wonder and ponder about the context and the text for this lesson but do not concern yourself with the written word, or even the feelings that impart upon you as you write.

You are an instrument of my love and as such, you can move beyond the selfishness of the body to become selfless. Forget body consciousness and any worries or irritations that pick at your mind, which try to deviate from the work at hand. Trust me and trust in yourself always.

I have seen your thoughts of your heart and because of the country in which you reside, the links they have with this day. You sense the color red and of the poppies which remind you of so many things.

This symbolism will not go unnoticed, both around the world and earth plane. As you picture them falling from way above you, floating down upon a breeze cast by my breath, they resemble many tears which I see and feel are now falling down countless faces. Each one is a memory and a pull of the heartstrings that lies eternal, which leaves a trace of our love and connection between you all and me. We are all ‘one’, without any separation or divisions remember.

During this period and these days that reignite your memories and your hearts, you recall troubled times of anger, war and conflict around the world. Nation vs. nation, continent vs. continent, man vs. man, and throughout all history this is revealed by both horror and pain.

As we have already spoken in depth about war and peace, we will not dwell upon it here, but rather, all most focus upon its meaning within themselves, their feelings and emotions and of how this influences their thoughts, words and deeds. So too, how people and places should also live and tolerate each other now and in the future.

During these current times there are, of course, troubles between countries, religions, and the diverse ideals of the world. Therein lies the differences between ‘man’ and yet within them all is the overall similarity and truth, which is love. For within your hearts, there is no difference and nothing can detract from this.

Both physically and spiritually, you are all one. Pierce the heart and it will bleed, no matter what nationality, color or creed. Likewise, the memories of your heart are no different wherever you reside, or how old you are or even if you are in the embodiment of a male or female, pain is always the same.

Therefore, because of the era in which you currently live, you can all remember the World Wars you all call I and II. So too, you have the more recent troubles between (and over lands) you callAfghanistan,Iraqand theFalklands.

Here many have fallen. Across many generations, over thousands of years, man has been slain in deserts, mountains, upon water or from air. For these, many a past life would have to be ‘recalled’ and this is not a privilege that a current embodiment can afford.

Only upon the soul can the memory and remembrance of such experiences be made. This is why today and the next few days, which lead to your historic Armistice, the horrors of conflict and the light of loved ones will shine more brightly. You are living in the here and now; it is the ‘present’ that I provide for you all. As such, you not only recall and remember friends, relatives, and family who have fallen yesteryear, but the suffering due to battles of bodies or minds right now. Love knows no bounds as I keep reiterating, and so time is irrelevant in such matters.

What is so vital for you all is the attachment, and you must lose the incorrect sense that you are each a body and therefore different or separate, from each other and me. Remembrance of your loved ones needs to evolve by finding your goal of knowing and understanding the remembrance of selflessness, your own Divinity.

As I have said before in the written word, it is so easy to forget others and think of self and the ego it displays. Simple examples of such are viewing photographs that have been developed; you always look first for, (or are mainly interested in) the ones that contain your own picture.

Another occurs when a relative returns home to the family, perhaps with gifts. Would you solely concern yourself with what may be your own present? Can you rejoice in the joy of others opening theirs? Selfishness must become selflessness at all times.

During this moment and your week ahead, symbolism will play its part in your minds and hearts. Across the world, millions of souls will be looking to ‘God’ for a sign of hope for the future. Within this, each religion will look upon a figurehead, symbol or statue, which depicts or relates to me and the Divinity, Love, and Light.

 For many in the Western side of the world this may be the crucifix. As simplicity is the key, you may understand this as representing the embodiment of Jesus upon the cross. Please understand that when the ‘I’ (which is the ego) is cut, it diminishes, and this then forms a cross.

Thus, you then find the strength, conviction, and fortitude to win your own internal and external battles of ‘self’ and fight for the truth. Thus it will enable you to remember who, what, and why you ‘are’ so that you can elevate and rise up to transcend above the ‘plane’ ofMan.

Please do not fear or cry during these conflicts of hearts and minds that are around or within you. It is easy to feel drawn individually to such things. Anger and confusion will then manifest and cloud the truth covering the light so that souls continue to walk in shadow.

It is hard during times of grief and pain to comprehend these things, but try you must. Remember, that even though someone you love may not be present, in reality ‘they’ have not disappeared or faded from you, but live forever etched within your heart. This connection cannot and never will be, erased or destroyed.

So, do not wish for one side, one country, or one Nation to crush or subdue another. Do not state that the way that anyone lives is better or more refined, more correct than another is. This will only lead to renewed tensions, disagreements, anger, and frustration with each other.

Rather the world over, each individual then needs and must discover the undying strength within themselves. This strength can then overcome the darkness of hate, pain, and conflict. By remembering selflessness, you will have the need and the remembrance for the Divinity of Man.

As you see, and become reminded this year of those injured or have fallen, they are not lying in fields of death. Their light has not been extinguished, and never can be. The flame of duty, hope, and the commitment to truth and honesty lies eternal within you all.

Appreciate that I do not and cannot ever favor East over West, North over South and vice versa. You and every single soul are empowered by love and your own Divinity. It is this and this alone, that enables love to prevail and for light to overcome darkness.

However, as all are one there needs to be balance, hence the positive and negative, dark and light, pain and joy. All are inevitably linked and are as much a part of each other as both you and me.

So then, how will you progress? Will you remember this Remembrance Sunday? If you wear a poppy, do you question why? Then, when this time is over, will you display your heart with as much thanks and pride? Will you ever recall the tears of past deeds and endeavors or will they fade and become distant memories too?

You are everything and everything is you. Therefore, as you now see the fields of poppies before your mind’s eye, let each one remind you of the connection to each other and me. Each one, each soul is not lost or forgotten but remains forever in my loving embrace. Whatever Nationality, whatever religion, and whether you are white, black, yellow or red, it does not matter to me.

When all souls unite behind the banner of Love, you will all remember and rise above the false veil of death, and all will be reborn into eternal bliss. The poppies and tears that fall will become symbols of everlasting peace and forgiveness, hope and the glory of Light, the Divinity of you all. Amen.

Copyright © 2012 by DPK Publishing. All rights reserved.

May you keep shining each and every day.  God bless you all, Dave -AscensionForYou- Knight.

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