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Hi ${contact.Name.First} we know that our mental, emotional, physical and spiritual bodies are all connected, so if (or when) we 'suffer' in some way, shape or form ... the results can be experienced upon many levels. And, more often or not, this may have adverse consequences for those around us too.

In fact, the health of your mind, heart and body is crucial for you to experience as much as ‘life’ as possible upon this earth-plane ... a journey you yourself had decided to undertake on a soul level.

So, here are ten helpful 10 tips that encompass various aspects of 'being':

1. Your true wealth is your personality and character.

2. Determination is a key factor in your perception and spiritual development.

3. When you walk in truth … you do not need to worry where you tread.

4. Healing is a letting go process … do it every day as you hold and welcome love into your heart.

5. The body is shaped by your evolutionary and genetic memory and thrives or withers by the food you eat.

6. Joy, misery, happiness, and suffering happen WITHIN you, so don’t let the mind work against you. You can experience Divinity and bring brilliance into your life through every aspect of your physicality ... including your diet, your thoughts and even sleep, posture and breathing ... in fact everything.

7. Food- is the amount you eat compulsive or conscious in nature?

8. To be happy you must stop finding fault with anything and everything … situations, people, and' things'.

9. Forgiveness is the key to connect with the open door of your own Christ -self.

10. Seconds, minutes, and hours are not the true pillars of your existence. It is not how little or how much time you have, but what you do with it that counts.


In my childhood and teenage years, i'd often hear the saying, 'Your health is your wealth'. Though this may not be strictly true, any physical pain can be a real reminder of taking one’s health for granted.

A few weeks ago the constant rain put paid to my outside decorating work, so I spent 2 x 12-hour stints sitting on the settee using the laptop to sort website and book stuff out. Mmm ... Stupid me.

The folowing morning I couldn't move lower back had gone- Gordon Bennett - absolute AGONY! Picture it ...10 minutes to put a pair of socks on. 15-20 minutes to crawl up and the same when I attempted get down the stairs on my backside ... I can only try to describe the pain as being constantly pierced by a knife.

However, even through all the suffering, cursing and whinging (which was not appreciated by the cats or by the wifey) I still had to laugh ... which didn't bring any relief to my back whatsoever. You see, after scrolling through the TV channels one night, we came across the classic 1970's sitcom, 'The Good Life'. In an episode entitled 'Backs to the Wall', the Goods prepare to gather their garden harvest, and Tom injures his back.

I managed to find it on Youtube, here’s a clip ... you can go to 2.20 to get my moves in action. Sooo funny. Suffice to say I won't be doing 12 hour stints on the laptop ever again. Btw, after days of dosing up on heavy painkillers and attempting bizzare excerises, it started to slowly ease off. The key here people is to try to KEEP MOVING.


Ps As you make your way through life, try to remember this spiritual acronym ... WATCH, for it will help to keep you grounded and also guide you in so many ways. So, please watch your:






Do you have any handy acronyms yourself? How about any spiritual tips? If so, please let me know.

Keep well and safe. Catch up soon.

Peace and Joy. Have a great week ahead. God bless,

Dave (AFY)

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