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You Are Energy ... and Energy is Love

Much has been said throughout the ages regarding who and what we are ... human beings, an alien race, seeds of the divine left to nurture and grow ... the list is endless. However, the fact remains is that creation is energy and energy is love.

This makes you and me and every form of life connected by such strands of truth. Of course, the choice we all have is to believe it or not. God sums this up in a little piece of Rhyme and reason...

Your light is my light, and your life is mine too,

For all reside in my heart, not only a few.

Those illusions become shattered and now cast aside,

As my peace washes over you, like an ever-flowing tide.

Indeed … cleansing and purifying is the power of my love,

While my grace lies in tears, which fall from within and above.

These delicate drops ... of truth touch your lips,

Whilst your heart often aches ... just for one sweet embrace.

For no division can exist, between both the ‘you’ and of I,

Unlike the differences and senses, like smell or of sight.

As entwined are we, firmly fixed upon the goal,

To stay within bliss, such a cherished Soul.

Now, Angels of Light, they sing out my name ...

For in truth, we are one, and ‘all’ are the same.

So, hold on to those thoughts, yes purity of mind…

The truth for all life, all beings and ‘mankind’.

Have a fab week ahead and enjoy today's post (David— AFY)

Today's top tip: God says ... for one to progress, take a step towards me, and to achieve what you think is impossible, take three.

From my speaking Heart...

You are Energy and Energy is Love

"Please understand, your hopes and dreams will sometimes become nightmares because fear leads to the perception and lack of control over one’s destiny. This is strange, as you only need belief and faith in oneself … the same you install upon me. Life is not always about fairy tales and happy endings, though it is easy to take one’s joy for granted when they come true.

However, so-called ‘life’ is actually your body, your karma, your right action, and as such, your experiences occur before, with and by you, and they do so for your growth. In fact, these instances (or ‘energies’), are all around you working away as different vibrations and levels of ether, matter, and emotions of your ‘being’.

Indeed, during those life stages of rebirth, education, employment, retirement, and old age, many different types of energy will come into and around you. However, you cannot dissect, burn, erase, or hide what is part of Creation. Why not consider and take this a step further by calling energy ‘Love’, but how can you touch, feel, or even comprehend this? Well, in a simple analogy, can an innate object cry, laugh, or shout out loud? No!

Understand I am all things in all places and every dimension. Moreover, because I encompass ‘time’, there is nothing I do not ‘feel’ ... this is why I sense anguish as readily as your joy. However, when people ask or pray to me, “Dear God, why have you not intervened?” one must comprehend (during grief and pain of the heart), such things are said with (or out of), anger, hatred, and desperation.

Through knowledge and experience, which in turn leads to wisdom, you will find the truth. In finding the truth, you simply return to where you are from … peace and true love. In practice, one must focus upon who and what they are, as well as what you think and say, because all deeds, thoughts and actions resonate through the ether, and they can either be positive or negative, resulting in helping, protecting, nurturing, and loving, or the complete opposite may occur.

Remember too, when you are ‘still’, try to contemplate and think of the body as a ‘birth’ and life force. In fact, your physical appearance is the only thing to be born, because of your divine essence, your Atma; your Soul is permanent and cannot die ... only the impermanent elements of life fade and cease to live.

In contrast, by looking into the night sky, you may bear witness to a multitude of stars, all created from my love, but their energy changes over time. Some may even seem to disappear, to collapse and become black holes, yet they still exist, only in another ‘form’. A human body goes through similar processes; evolving, growing, maturing, but death always follows its birth. This ‘vessel’, (often cremated or buried), transmutes by fire and ash or dissolved into the earth. Timing is unimportant, as everything returns to me, for I am all things (which I will continue to reiterate).

Those who do not comprehend me in their hearts, I still love. Everyone is near and dear to me, and the realization of such, one day, will happen. All will sail upon my ocean of love, for I am the wind to empower those who flounder by the rocks. I will remove the anchor (and anger), weighing them down into the false position of a make-believe harbour within the physical world, with its materialism and traits of ego, personified by lack of compassion and mistrust.

This imaginary safe haven, which attempts (or appears) to protect you from the ‘elements’ can become a prison. Who says one can or cannot venture outside? Why such fear to experience the new horizon when this so-called sanctuary is an illusion of people’s minds and hearts? It is a false energy, a harness holding one down, when in fact you are already free to reside and experience eternal bliss. Amen."



PS. Remember, try to push aside those clouds of doubt by remembering to live inside my heart as ‘one’, and thereby remove any confusion or feelings of separateness to each other.

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