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Mmm food ... we can't live without it can we eh? Perhaps you have savoury or sweet taste buds ...or even prefer the dreaded sour! However, there are other forms of sustenance that we require too - not only for our bodies but for our emotional and mental and spiritual well-being too.

The other thing to consider here is whether we partake in any form of nourishment compulsively or consciously. Consider your favourite 'indulgence' and it's easy to recall times when you say "I wish I hadn't had that extra, cos' now I feel bloated or sick". Everything in moderation they used to say.

And sometimes even on the so-called 'spiritual path', one must strive to find balance. It is no good having your head constantly in the clouds if your home or family or any form of relationship needs your support or intervention.

So, this week, it might be wise to try and give your words and thoughts and deeds a little bit more attention than you think they deserve? Have a peaceful and fulfilling week ahead. (Dave-AFY)

Today's top tip: To have sacred thoughts we should only eat sacred food.

From my speaking heart: FOOD FOR THOUGHT?

Know that there is a direct correlation between your dietary habits and sleep. The greater amount you consume requires more energy by the body (especially during sleep) to process it … hence the more tired you can feel. While the body needs food to survive, this has no relation to social or religious background. If you were truly starving and there was a choice of a plate of food and God’s presence to appear in front of you, what would you choose to partake/digest? Your self-preservation will start to kick in!

However, the amount you eat on a daily basis is compulsive or conscious in nature. Will you, therefore, embrace this freedom of choice or have you become a slave to this requirement? As the world endures the COVID-19 pandemic it has been scientifically proven that those who are obese have less ability to overcome the virus. The morals and ethics of how we look after our bodies (with food intake and exercise) can be encapsulated in the question … “How long do we want to live?”

To help further, understand that different food can be full of positive, negative, or contain no ‘pranic’ (life-energy) at all … which leads to lethargy. Some foods like Honey (with hot water) are so good they break down fat, others dull your nervous system or may stop your bodies sensitivity too. The digestion of everything inside your stomach has various timescales. For example, most fruit takes about 3 hours, whereas meat could take 2-3 days! If you could imagine a piece of meat left in the hot sun for the same time it would fester and become full of bacteria.

nside you, the bodies temperature creates the same conditions, so once again the choice to have something like this (rotting flesh) inside you remains. Know too, that protein is that what ‘protects’ you, and food that is not cooked contains the largest amount of protein. Ideally, your diet should therefore contain at least 40% of fruit, vegetables, nuts etcetera. After eating, the most advantageous proportions inside your stomach would be 1/2 food, 1/4 water and 1/4 empty. Amen.

PS. And Sai Baba says:

The food you take gives strength to the body. Only if it is taken in moderate amounts will it give enjoyment and good physical and mental health. Excessive eating causes ill health and the very same food that provides enjoyment can also turn into poison ... hence people suffer from diseases.



PS. Remember, there is a direct correlation between the food you intake and your thoughts ... and even your sleep! Do you have a choice to make?

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