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You are Awesome

Hello, aspirant of love, seeker of joy and pilgrim of truth!

The pandemic around the world has almost taken 3 million lives, not to mention the untold effect it has had on the well-being of billions of people mentally, emotionally, spiritually health … as well as the financial impact on all our lives too.

Now, you may be thinking about how today’s blog title relates to this information … well, it’s because you are awesome and you’re still here.

You are not defined by the colour of your skin, creed, faith, size, age, sex, or financial status but through who and what you truly are … your divinity. So, by accepting you are not just a ‘body, you can navigate through many trials and tribulations of your life.

You will also understand you are not the ‘doer’, but the vessel with which to experience and grow ... so do not fear, thinking you have no control, for, throughout your life, you must continue to make choices and decisions that will not only affect yourself but those of loved ones and people around you too.

If doubt remains ... think of all the senses you possess, your creativity, and the power of your love that flows through your heart. Now tell me you are not awesome! (David— AFY)

Today's top tip: I urge you to bear witness to your own truth, but this will only occur when you view with the heart, mind, and soul in unison.

(From my speaking Heart)

You are Awesome

"You are all magnificent ... awesome. Of course, these are merely words, and no such language or verbal expression can ever depict or explain true love and the truth of you.

So, as you make your way through 'life, appreciate the physicality of a human being is both amazing and beautiful, but how often do you stop to contemplate this? In addition, know you exude strength, not only of the mind, but also of character and in heart.

As such, you are living with a fantastic chance and opportunity, which knocks on the door of your soul, so follow your heart and do what feels right for ‘you’ within your life, remembering not to hurt anyone or anything, and be a help to whom or whatever your path encounters.

While doing so, please try to weather the peaks and troughs of troubled waters with dignity, for I will lead you to the safety of the shore, because I love you more than you could ever realize or know.

Realize too, deep within your soul lies the peace and tranquillity beyond your wildest dreams. Once you find me, you will discover yourself, and then you will fully understand and comprehend the clearest and most profound sign of all that we are one. Amen."



PS. Remember, if you wake in the morning ... try to remain joyful and loving. Each new day provides you with many opportunities to show your awesomeness!

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