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Oneness, being whole, a wave upon the ocean of love, a spark of the divine … they each describe how we are all connected. In addition, it makes no difference what colour, shape, or size we are, because unlike our human minds, God doesn’t consider our so-called differences.

Now, during your working life you may have heard the expression that there is ‘no I in team’ … which is so corny it used to make me want to vomit! I recall managers using it if someone wanted to express their own opinion and were required to toe the party line … or, became ridiculed for not thinking outside the box, when in truth no box even exists!

Well, putting that sort of pettiness to one side, we can all agree that we are individuals with our own characters and personalities (trying to make our way through life), but many of our problems still arise when we believe a person doesn’t act or think or speak in the way we think they should.

However, no one should try to ‘control’ another human being, or even worse, inflict any form of mental, emotional or physical abuse. Consider then the easier path which is to simply try to acknowledge (and then understand) someone else’s viewpoints, traits, and habits ... which becomes easier when you keep your own emotions under check. After all, the ONLY thing that is totally in your power is how feel inside and how YOU react to any situation.

When you accept the fact that we all have quirks and frailties -rather than imagining you are separate or isolated, you can begin to understand the true connection between Creation and us all… and finally celebrate in our Unity.

Today's top tip: If you ever find yourself confronted by any hostile situation ... talk in whispers and the anger will begin to dissipate.

From my speaking Heart ...


"I only wish for you to realize the ‘oneness’ of all things ... as a friend, neighbour, community, country is all one and whole without division or separation. As such, each flower, rock, mountain, river, sea, and all things are I, and when you clear fear and illusion away from the physical eyes, (and the mind which plays tricks is subdued), you can sense everything is ‘me’ ... in unity. Indeed, every petal, snowflake, tree, all animals and insects, and every drop of ocean water are ingredients of me.

Therefore, the choice is always your own, but when the eyes of your body, mind, and soul are one, a clearer vision will reveal the pathway which lies before you. When this happens, you will no longer be walking in your own shadow, but rather it will be behind you forever. You will step into the light, walk in the light, and you will share in the light.

So, as you move through your new day (or are coming to the end of your evening), contemplate for a short while upon your thoughts, words, and deeds. Were you tolerant? Could you have been more patient with a colleague, friend, or a family member or pet? In time, by considering the purpose of your daily life, you will become more focused upon ‘service’ to humanity and all life. ‘All serve … serve all’ Sai Baba used to say.

The merits in serving others far outweigh the so-called hardship, because when you link heart and hands you connect like daisy chains, once scattered across an imaginary lawn of time, space and all Creation. The strength of these connections lies deep inside you, with a real desire to emit love and peace. Your ‘bodies’, like the stems, may be weak and frail when split open, but when entwined, love flows from one to another. Unlike this chain of ‘flowers’ (though some call them ‘weeds’), the Soul is your true connection to me, which can never be broken or pulled apart, and you cannot wither, fade, or die. Amen."



PS. Remember, all positive and negative thoughts have a cause and effect.

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