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HEARTBREAKING. To see the pain and anguish on faces who thought that maybe, just maybe, they were free from war with a better future further down the line. Indeed, what would seem normal for most people around the world, like education for the children, safety for the women and mothers of the region, and perhaps, even work for men to help provide for their families, it all hangs by a thread.

SOLUTION? Well, when you consider the region has been embittered with unrest for centuries, fought over by Alexander the Great, the Muslim conquests, and the Mogul empire (to name a few), and now over recent decades the Taliban and insurgents ... the answer is by far from an easy one. As the fighting continues towards Kabul ... one may at least ask where are the United Nations? Eevn then, they might be a termporary fix, as only God, working through each individual, can things be changed.

As well as these conflicts, know we are also at war with ourselves too. Because our emotions, thoughts and words constantly affect our wellbeing ... and those around us too. Surely it is down to humanity to realise peace is not a time between 'wars’ but is the very nature deep within us.

In addition, how many times do we say 'I hate myself' or 'I dislike this that or the other about my body' which is the first thing others appear to judge us by? When we are in control of our senses and our compulsiveness then we can reign in unwanted 'desire' ... which allows what we say and think and do to resonate through a purer mind, a loving heart, and a grateful soul.

May our thoughts and prayers reach all those (through God's will) who suffer any form of pain. Keep strong and live in truth and love and light. (AFY)


Today's top tip: With any conflict, disagreement, or dispute ... speak soft and sweet, sympathise with suffering and loss and ignorance. Try your best to apply the salve of soothing words and timely succour. (Baba)


From my speaking heart:

United Nations?

"Ever since human beings roamed the earth (and before speech even began), man, woman, and child could live in either harmony or conflict. Indeed, throughout history, people with different cultures and ideals reside together within villages, towns, cities, or countries the world over. Furthermore, with all the technology and experience of today, nothing has changed, and in this respect, time has made no difference at all. So how does war start? Who initiates heartache and pain, and why do anger and hatred seem to endure?

War can start when two minds, or rather two hearts, do not meet or share within the truth of who they are. These then splinter into greed, jealousy, pride, hate, and thoughts of power over another, which resemble needles that pierce and blind true sight, casting eyes into shadow, doom and gloom.

The results of which make people cry out to me from the depths of their despair, “Why did you let this happen God? How could you take them away from me? When did you stop caring for us?” Every tear and prayer I hear, see, sense, and feel with all that I am. Nothing is lost or diluted, whether in joy or pain (as I am you and you are I), so why should anyone suffer? For what reasons should a country or a nation be ravaged, and war torn?

Please understand, true peace comes to those who do not desire anyone or anything, and those that dilute and dissolve their ego find inner peace more quickly, and subsequently find their higher self. This brings illumination and recognition of their own divinity and me. Once you recognize this, understanding new knowledge becomes easier, life is more fulfilling, and you can blossom into the soul you strive to be.

I do listen when people say, I want peace, let there be peace, bring peace to him, her, or this or that country etcetera, but what is it actually wished for … comfort, joy, and stillness? On the other hand, is it for others so they can find help, shelter, protection, food, or water? Well, peace encompasses all things, so when nothing is required ... peace reigns.

Therefore, starting today, from this minute of the hour, you can change. You can make a difference to your own life, soul and destiny, and from the alterations you make, you can effectively cast light far beyond your heart and the walls of your home, to wherever that may be.

Do not ever despair or fear any situation. I am not saying for anyone to be ruthless or careless in any ‘action’ one takes, but request you find your own direction in and to the truth. Remember, I am nearer than near, and I will never leave you, even through your worst ‘pain’ or greatest joy, for I am with and within you. Believe in me, as I always believe in you … we are ‘one’ forever, and I will lead you into bliss.


Whom can you trust, to find the answers that you seek?

Do they lie with a guru, or inside the mellow and meek?

Open your heart to then be still, brings peace and quiet from the zoo,

Knowing the ‘I am I’ within ... the ‘me’ that is in you.

No need to feel, it is a mysterious link,

Always gentle and loving, and way more than you think.

For I will not shout, remonstrate, or scream,

As love is the way, and I will show you what I mean.

While unveiling this truth, is a test and a task,

“The first steps unto bliss?” as might well you ask.

As illumination and divinity, both go hand in hand,

In unity we fall ... and united we stand.




PS. Remember, Love seeks no reward ... Love is its own reward. (Baba)

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