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Transporter of my Light – Guest post by Sherry Gloag

Hi everyone, please find a beautiful, uplifting and positive  message that my Six Sentence Sunday author friend Sherry has shared below. She had received this within and through her heart  and it seems perfect for this time of year too!  ( Her blog link is below …so hopefully you’ll get a chance sometime to  pay her a visit / check her writing out too)   God Bless.

I am the Source, and the Light that you are part of My Being, the transporter of My Light.

Do not shiver in the dark when the warmth of My Light is burning brightly within you.

Do not fear to blow the wind of change upon the Light that it may burn brightly and guide you on your way.

Listen to the winds of change and hear its secrets. – They are all locked up inside you waiting for you to turn the key upon their release.

Do not be afraid to go forward.


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