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There is nothing that is good or bad... but thinking makes it so.

Please understand, that whatever is happening to you (or around you) can never be good or bad ... it is only thoughts from your 'mind' that confirm or deny what you feel - or rather 'believe'. Therefore, one must stop using past experiences as a way of imagining or judging your so-called 'future'.

In addition, no matter what the world throws at you, the greater choice you should make is whether you can remain joyful or just miserable ... so what would you chose to be? The fact that your emotions have a massive impact upon your wellbeing might sway your decision ... especially when a guru once said that when you become angry you are actually poisoning yourself ... that you are only one letter away from D ANGER.

So, as this is your life, only you can decide each morning to either praise the opportunity to be an expression of love and light and truth. And ... if you wake up tomorrow, just...

But aren't we all...


From my speaking heart ...

There is nothing that is good or bad...

"Those imaginary negative traits or energies need to fade from your heart, and this is vital in order to move forward into love and light … so let them go. Do not be restrained or limited to sorrow, grief, heartache or attachment to any situation, event, or by people who come into (or out of), your life.

Then, by trusting in this fluidity, everything you experience becomes an element of growth as both a human being and a Soul. This will encourage and enable you to retain an unbiased viewpoint of your living in the present, erasing the trickery of the mind, which tries to enforce your notion of something being either good or bad within your ‘experiences’.

Remember, for the present to become a form of magical living, you need to open your heart towards the richness of peace and serenity through the love residing throughout Creation. Ultimately, you are your own teacher, educator, principal, and a source of Divine inspiration and guidance, but should one discard this idea, the answer becomes unknowable, even if right in front of you.

Therefore, I do not hide from your view; inside a secret cave within a distant nation, and I am not residing upon a faraway shoreline you cannot reach ... or even lie behind a veil of stars in the night sky. Likewise, I am not above you in a make-believe heaven, sitting upon a golden throne, and I am not below you whereby I hold the Earth aloft upon my shoulders either. Amen."



PS. Remember, God urges you to reveal the new you ... cleaner, brighter and more alive, and stronger than ever before.

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