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The Nation Expects...

Well, in case you are unaware of it, or have been living under a rock (ha ha) … there’s a feast of sport this weekend. And, unless you have a ticket (to the small matter of the Euro Footy Final at Wembley) to watch England vs Italy … or the men’s Tennis singles final at Wimbledon, you willlike the rest of us—will have to watch it on TV.

Then, in a couple of weeks the Olympics in Tokyo will commence … sadly, there will be no fans present there to witness the multitude of sporting icons due to the pandemic. So, those (who are interested) will have to watch on a small screen … or, like many millions of people, gather in pubs/bars, fan parks and gardens etc all around the world.

In all these sports, each participant or team member will have the weight of expectation to win placed upon them. We want them to win. We will them to win … and some people might even pray for it! There can often be a fine line between victory and defeat. Those who come 2nd or 3rd, or 4th can soon be forgotten … but who has the right to call them a loser? No one can experience the joy or heartache without the other.

In the same way you cannot experience light without the dark or the so-called good without the bad etc. Everyone and everything are connected. The only difference is how one handles the emotions of it all, and each person has their own responsibility to do just that. If you are an avid fan don't let the stress and anxiety, get to you! And in London, after the football has finished, let's hope people don’t let their emotions get the better of them … in 1996 there was rioting!

Wherever you are—if you are sports fan (or not)—keep calm and dignified and responsible and enjoy the action! Have a fab week ahead … though have a black arm band ready if England lose! (AFY)

The Nation Expects ... 30 years of hurt ... plus some!

Today's top tip: Through your own self-realization ... your path will become clearer to your true 'home' of eternal peace and bliss. (Many liftetimes of hurt can be erased)


From my speaking Heart:

The Nation Expects...

"The world around you constantly judges or looks to criticize the results of someone’s deeds or actions and forgets to see the effort in the part one may have played. Is it really about completion; obtaining success and winning all the time, whereby 2nd place or being part of the so-called ‘also-rans’ becomes a crime?

Know that each of you has abilities. Some are unique, in different fields and in diverse ways. As per character and make-up, the body may have many types of personality, but within you are all divine. Not everyone has to strive to be the best in the world, as you are all ‘stars’ to me.

Practice does not always make perfect, and to enforce or place pressure of any kind can prove very harmful, especially to the young. This, of course, is not the same as encouragement, discipline, and endeavour, which are all traits one can either accept or not.

A mother or father who wishes to see their offspring rise to the top of a profession or skill is fine, but the test is not theirs, and hence the child’s desire for success may not always be the same as their own. What is important is that life’s tests are for each and for all.

Now then, take an athlete, having trained for many years of their life (with a desire), to become an Olympic champion. Now try to imagine they make this dream come true, as their tears instantaneously fall in a release of overwhelming joy, all from a culmination of perseverance, ambition, immense effort, and belief. In a stark contrast, someone finishing in second place may also cry, but through sadness and sheer despondency, stating they underachieved or let down those who support, encourage, and helped to motivate them in their own pursuit and goal. Perhaps they would even say, “I didn’t do my best.”

It is difficult for some to comprehend those feelings of victory and so-called ‘defeat’, however, as I am with and within you all, for whom are these emotional waters shed? Well, in every experience there are lessons to be learnt, and in the case of those imaginary athletes, it is not only for themselves, but for those who view such scenarios too. In fact, not only is there the opportunity to inspire a younger generation, but they can also motivate, lead, and provide others with a greater determination to succeed in many areas of both sport and life.

In truth, those receiving gold, silver, or bronze medals are not the only winners, and all other participants’ also-rans or losers. One must understand, because I do not judge any such sporting event and/or any result as being more valuable than another, it should become easier to appreciate you are all racing along in life, upon whatever course, profession, work, or role you have been given or chosen.

Therefore, on every pathway, what matters most is not all about a podium finish, for the real victory lies in the effort which takes place freely, wantonly, and willingly in all shapes and forms.Amen."



PS. Remember, stop worrying if you never seem to win ... you will ALWAYS be a star in God's eyes.

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