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The Key to unlock the doors of life's opportunities.

Updated: Feb 7, 2021

If a genie granted you 3 wishes what would you ask for? Mm … well, most people might ask for millions of pounds/yen/dollars/euro’s or whatever currency was giving the best exchange rate at the time- ha ha. Maybe its spending time with someone who has crossed over … a son, a daughter, a brother or sister, a parent or grandparent or even a best friend or a beloved pet? Could it be your health that concerns or frustrates you, or that there's a deep desire to live forever? How about becoming a sex goddess, a film starlet or to be the most handsome/desirable man in the world?

Notice anything? Its highly likely that nearly every wish or desire revolves around the exterior ‘you’, which is fleeting and transitory in the grand scheme of things. Instead, perhaps the world should simply wish for God’s mercy and grace. Or just to feel and be loved ... and to share unconditional love.

One must realise that most things in your life may appear out of reach (or seem to go wrong) not because you don’t have the key, it’s just that you’re using the key in the wrong way! Now, before you think I’ve gone off my trolley here …we’re not talking about anything physical, it’s all to do with your thoughts and your mind!

Know that everything stems from your conscious mind. You are what you create … so start to recreate what you think. Only through the power of your thoughts-with purpose and passion and constant ‘desire’ in truth, can your dreams and goals truly materialise. You just have to accept and believe and trust in the creation process itself. Understand tha you are in control of your life, so live it and love it ... and simply EXPECT and ACCEPT your good.

Today's top tip: .One must remove the fickleness of the monkey mind, which leads to indecision and gives rise to inner and outer conflict. But unless you fancy a lobotomy … know it is a valuable and necessary asset, so don’t forget what it can do for you!

From my speaking Heart ...

Your Thoughts Are the KEY!

"Comprehend that silence and stillness allow you to venture beyond the boundary of the senses. And, by turning inwards, you harness an innate ability to rise above the restrictive process of one's emotions ... which evolve from past impressions upon the mind and countless experiences of the body.

Appreciate that it is here and here alone where you may utilize the intelligence of your consciousness towards the goal of eternal bliss. As such, limitations in your life are made by your own thoughts and words and deeds ... not by my intervening hand. I do not inflict pain or hardship or by making you feel less worthy, unloved, or alone.

Understand that truth is reality ... revealed as waves and beams of light and sound (vibration/energy) and these cannot be manipulated or disguised, like throwing a wet blanket over flames, snuffing out a candle, or by flicking a switch to off.

Therefore, you can control how you feel and react to any given scenario. Only by constantly monitoring your thoughts can you possibly hope to change your emotional, physical, mental, and spiritual energies, both inside and out. You will then attract the right conditions to bring goodwill, kindness, generosity, and peace into your life, and to the door of your home.

I urge you to also…

Smile when you awake… for you are alive.

Smile every hour.

Smile in adversity.

Smile when you feel joyful.

Smile before you sleep...

And watch your life change for the better!




PS. Remember to cool the inflamed mind, for all the while it is being manipulated by the sense and one's ego.

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