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The divine path of your own soul...

How has your week been? What challenges have you had to overcome? Do you feel stronger and more alive and ready to continue upon the divine path of your soul?

Of course, these questions may or may not make you think about how you are coping mentally, spiritually, and emotionally with 'life' at this current time. But whatever you are feeling is only a reflection ... from those aspects of living that involve one's reactions to the exterior world in which we live.

In contrast, when you begin to understand that you are not the do-er ––as it is God who works through you––your struggles will begin to dissipate. How? Well ... when you place your total trust in 'his' power, wisdom, and timing you realise you are given what you need to grow and evolve as a human being, and not what you think you 'need'.

In addition, you soon begin to realise that by becoming still and turning within, you can delve into your own divine essence, and discover a richness of purity and peace and healing light that can never be erased, broken, burnt, or buried so deeply, that you can ever lose sight of the truth again.

However, only you can determine and answer such things. But please be honest with yourself as you endeavour to walk upon your own road or path towards the eternal joy and bliss of Creation.

Today's top tip: How much an individual soul (or fragment of light) 'grows' and becomes lighter and brighter is not set-in-stone ... know that it is wholly dependent upon you!

From my speaking Heart...

The divine path of your own soul...

"Please understand that love is the only form of healing that can disperse and eradicate hate. Through loving words, thoughts, and deeds, the hardened shell of deceit can be broken, reveal the truth in all its glory. In this process, light is exposed which can then infiltrate the darkness, bringing a clearer direction for all minds and hearts.

For some, trying to relate to this when the world is in crisis (even using an open heart and mind), is tough to do. It is far easier is it not, to accept this as the way life is ... being suppressed, cajoled, or brainwashed, whether that is by fake news, a ‘madman’, a dictator, or even by society in general. The more difficult road (but one in which you will find salvation), is most often a royal one. Indeed, it is the divine path of your own soul, and through this, it links to the eternal threads of justice, truth, and peace from me and to all life.

So ... do not doubt any longer of whom or what you are, but elevate your whole being to scale greater heights in the knowledge you have found me at last. Amen".



PS. Remember, your own divine essence, which shines and illuminates inside (and all around you), demonstrates what you believe is your own self-worth. However, God can see beyond this, and therefore it is you, who needs to comprehend your true value.

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