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Take Baby steps ... Just One at a Time.

Updated: May 9, 2021

Hi … despite the incessant rain showers and windy weather of late, I hope you have had a peaceful week! And, after the coldest April for more than 60 years (with all those early morning frosts) let’s hope we can all turning the central heating off soon! The good news here is that apparently, there is a mini-heatwave end of May/ beginning of June – hoorah!

Rather than feeling fed up about this, I guess we all need to focus upon is the joy of living … because brighter days are surely on the horizon, what with the summer on its way and the lifting of National lockdown restrictions on the 21st of June. Up till this date, if you fail to self-isolate -if you get a positive Covid test- the penalty could reach £10,000, and not wearing a mask on a train is a £100 fine. So, to meet more than 5 people in a park, and actually hug your loved ones will be amazing. Crikey, my wife has relatives who haven’t seen their 1-year grandson since he was born! Crazy times indeed!

One thing is for sure, and that's life (as we knew it) may still not be the same ever again. However, we must keep strong mentally, emotionally, and physically. Just take each day, like baby steps ... just one at a time, and live within the moment because that is spiritual strength in action.

May today’s post give you a lift ... if that is what you require. Love and light to you. (AFY)

(I said baby steps, not drinking beer haha.)

Today's top tip: Embrace the time you have been given. Utilize it, and make the best of it in every way (in thought and word and deed) … because it is all we have.

From my speaking Heart...

Take Baby steps ... Just One at a Time

"Know that if you are open to receive and send love, you have already taken much more than baby steps. You are beyond infancy. Like a pupil, you must decide whether to continue in the school of life, through the re-education of your heart, mind, and soul. You see, you comprehend the truth, but ‘remembering’ it disciplines, transforms, and purifies within.

Picture yourself peeling an orange. Why does one do this? Surely, you are able to digest and partake it whole, can’t you? You could, but you do this to reveal the true desire of your palate. Indeed, the sun grows the seed, while the water of life nourished and helped it to mature, and just like the fruit and juice, your light is also the essence, purpose, and goal too.

Therefore, you do not hanker for the orange skin, because you long for the nectar inside. Similarly, when you are ready (on a soul level), you peel away the outer layer (the body), which has hidden the true value and beauty contained inside. Like a mirror image, those who desperately need to quench their thirst can be compared to the desire to unify and merge into me. Do not be confused, for you are already part of me (as stated many times before), but it is you (even as a spark of divinity), who believes you are detached from me.

Understand then, when your 'overcoat' has been cast aside, your divinity is revealed in all its glory and splendor, while many friends and family over numerous generations will have the opportunity to witness and greet you from the false curtain of deceit. Then, while some who loved you on the Earth-plane grieve and despair, others (with lighter elements of vibration, experience, and knowledge), know your spark has burst into spirals of light, both beautiful and magical, into eternal happiness, bliss, and peace. Amen."



PS. Remember, stumbling is NOT falling!

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