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Sunshine and Rainbows...


You'd like this...

But get this?

Maybe it's just a lightning wishbone?

As you make your way through life, you may or may not notice the changes taking place. Some are subtle. Others could hit you like a train, bringing unexpected pain and anguish. These can take place at any time and any place, and you will never know what the day will bring to your door.

Know that change is good. It helps you to experience and grow as a human being and a soul. It allows God’s will to work through you, but the advantage you now have is your expectations have changed too … because you now know, it’s not always going to be sunshine and rainbows.

Your attitudes to the weather, your relationships, work, finances, health can be deemed good one day, and so-called bad the next. But whatever happens, it’s totally your own responsibility on how you deal with your emotions and deal with any given situation.

One may even think of a flight or fight scenario during times of pain, trauma, ‘loss’, and stress too. But do not ever fear, because God is nearer than near. He/she knows what you need … when you need it, and why. It might seem you’re in a nightmare scenario, but love is not even a heartbeat away.

So, on this 20th anniversary of 9/11, where people are still suffering and dying from those tragic events … try to elevate your thoughts and emotions to reflect the truth of you, where true sunshine and rainbows and colours of your soul will radiate forevermore. Keep strong, keep believing, and live each day (as much as you can) in joy. Dave (AFY)

Today's top tip: Life might not be all sunshine and rainbows ... but God will ALWAYS love you!


From my speaking heart:

Sunshine and Rainbows...

If you experience a cloudy, dark day, try to think of how wonderful and glorious the sunshine is, and how a blue sky makes life seem bright and beautiful, just like the hymn. Try to recall those words, because they reveal the essence of joy in all that surrounds you ... and people feel alive and happy when tranquillity encompasses both their thoughts and senses.

Remember, only you can decide whether you are going through the motions and make the switch towards taking control of your own destiny. The reality is this … a soul’s circumstance and experiences can be deemed as perpetual joy, or ever-increasing angst of worry, fear, and stress, so do you perceive your current ‘situation’ as either of these scenarios?

Understand you can alter how you feel over what transpires during your days, weeks, months, or years. The secret is for you to detach yourself from believing something is good or bad, lucky, or unlucky, a gift, or even a sacrifice and so on.

Therefore, one must appreciate; everything in your life does not take place with a double-sided coin and a pre-ordained win or lose. A real coin displays both a head and a tail (or deem this as a positive and negative), which not only provides truth but is fair and simple too. They are but a reflection of each other, so once again, the key to utilizing the secret beginning to rise up within you is your own perception and yours alone.

I am not suggesting you discount or ignore what you see, hear and touch, or in what you experience through thought, word, and deed, but you must take responsibility for your own development and educational path. The analogy ‘you can lead a horse to water, but you cannot make it drink’, will suffice here.

No other soul can erase or balance karma for another, though love can assist and guide you when (or wherever) it is required to do so. Please realize, this responsibility lies with (and must be accepted by), both the individual and the majority too, but will it be through disdain, anger, or even fear?

Perhaps people will overcome any potential trepidation they may have and realise these are all false concerns, and as such, they should be classed as smaller, irritating inconveniences instead. When you acknowledge this, self-realization becomes second nature. All negativities will fall into your shadow, as you continue to walk towards the light, and live within love and truth.

Indeed, each day is a new opportunity, no matter your age, health, or wealth. You could be a grandparent, a father, mother or any sibling or descendant, but the sun shining upon your face is just the same. All experience its warmth, and no matter what colour of skin, you still feel the cold or heat depending on the layers of clothes you wear.

In addition, when you lay your head down upon a soft pillow or a hard rock, your inner character shall perceive it as a blessing or a burden. In the acceptance of any situation, shine as brightly as you can, like the sun and a rainbow ... for your reaction to all events can be felt by those who are around you, as well as ‘life’ either seen or unseen. Amen."



PS. Remember, God is the guardian, the giver, and the goal in life!

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