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SSS – Six Sentence Sunday 11-20-2011 ‘United are we ‘ – Ascension For You

Welcome to Six Sentence Sunday! You can find lots of great authors with their own ‘six’s’ on a variety of subjects at … Many thanks to all those who comment regularly,  offering their  support / advice to us, and also to those visiting for the first time too! Please leave any thoughts or questions you might have!  Cheers my friends …’Write On!’

I have been collating / writing parts one and two of these books through inner dictation over the last few years. This short snippet forms  part of a lesson  entitled ‘UNITED ‘  from my forthcoming book  I am I: The In-Dweller of your Heart. (available around Dec 2011).  This lesson , as the title suggest is about being ‘one’..but the message was also asking you to truly believe in yourself too. If, and for whatever reson you can’t… don’t let the mind trick you into thinking otherwise but move forward in the knowing that God will carry you forward in love and truth.

Have a great weekend  everyone! God bless you all,      Dave –AscensionForYou– Knight.

Knowing the truth will bring you to calmer, clearer, and shallower waters enabling you to travel over great distances more quickly.

What I mean by this is that the distance you travel is really the wisdom you gain through the experience of self and life, so do not worry or stress when times get tough.

Treat the so-called good and bad with indifference for you will receive what you need when you need it, no more and no less.

I do not and never will abandon you… so know that I am the shoreline that guides your path back to me and that  I am by your side and upon every wave of emotion that emanates from your heart.

Sometimes though,  you will feel as if your boat is going to upturn or perhaps flounder upon some hidden rock …but ignore these feelings from the mind and follow your heart instead because it is ‘within’ that you will come to recognise me as your true self with no hidden agenda or meaning.

Love and truth are simple… therefore simply ‘be’ in the realization that I will cast aside the turbulence of any troubled thought that tries to pull you down; you only have to understand this in your heart to know it is true.

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Reprinted from David Knight’s AscensionForYou’s Blog. For more information about AscensionForYou please visit

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