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SSS – Six Sentence Sunday 10-9-2011 AscensionForYou

Welcome to Six Sentence Sunday! You can find lots of great authors and their own ‘six’s’ at … (Please put  smiles on our faces and leave any thoughts or questions you might have!  Cheers my friends …WRITE ON!).

This short snippet forms  part of a lesson  called  ‘Feelings ‘ and is from my forthcoming book   I am I: The In-Dweller of your Heart. (available around Dec 2011). It is one of the books I have been collating / writing through inner dictation over the last few years. Have a great weekend  everyone!  May God  Bless you all,      Dave –AscensionForYou– Knight.

Do you feel bitter, annoyed, let down, confused and perplexed or with a heart that blooms and radiates love: feeling contented, blessed, happy and fulfilled?

What does it take for you to feel the latter or what do you need to alter and change within yourself?

Whether you receive praise or condemnation, whether you are rich or poor, clothed or naked, know that they are all feelings and elements of the exterior.

Likewise, do you feel that you are on the outside, looking in on many situations of your life?

It can be easy to change your partner, job or home, but these are all external….it is the interior that needs to be redecorated with hope and faith.

I urge you to take control of your lives and believe with all that you are; you can win and achieve the true goal, the goal of Ascension!

Please feel free to reprint this  on your web site, Facebook page, blog or newsletter and forward this as email to your friends, family and colleagues…. but I would be really grateful if you kindly include the following two sentences too. (Thankyou):

Reprinted from David Knight’s AscensionForYou’s Blog. For more information about AscensionForYou please visit

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