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SSS – Six Sentence Sunday 10-30-2011 Your a ‘part’ but are not ‘apart&#821

Welcome to Six Sentence Sunday! You can find lots of great authors and their own ‘six’s’ at … (Please put  smiles on our faces and leave any thoughts or questions you might have!  Cheers my friends …WRITE ON!).

This short snippet forms  part of a lesson  called  ‘Feelings ‘ and is from my forthcoming book  I am I: The In-Dweller of your Heart. (available around Dec 2011). It is one of the books I have been collating / writing through inner dictation over the last few years. Have a great weekend  everyone!  May God  Bless you all,      Dave –AscensionForYou– Knight.

I am light and love, all power and Creation…hence you can realise that I am also your breath and heartbeat, so when you feel the way you do, I do too.

Therefore when you talk, walk, work or rest and play, express your true feelings so that others can share theirs.

As such, when your thoughts, words, and deeds are given in truth, all consequences will be taken upon by me… subsequently you need not fear or worry as I am within and without, above and below, in front of and behind you, so please understand now that you are never alone.

Know that in your past, present, and future, your feelings leave traces of whom and what you are and can become.

As such the tears of truth will fall from eyes and hearts until all Souls know that we are not apart, but are simply parts of the same living flame that burns eternal as we are all forever ‘one’…

Remember, I love you with all that I am…Amen

Please feel free to reprint this  on your web site, Facebook page, blog or newsletter and forward this as email to your friends, family and colleagues…. but I would be really grateful if you kindly include the following two sentences too. (Thankyou):

Reprinted from David Knight’s AscensionForYou’s Blog. For more information about AscensionForYou please visit


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