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SSS- 6 Sentence Sunday – REFLECTION 17-04-2011

Hi everyone, today is a extract from a poem from a long time ago when I was going through my own turbulent period. Obviously, I can’t  (and don’t wish to)  compare  my own experiences  with so much hate and despair that seems to be traveling around the world right now, (in conflict,war and natural disasters),  but the poem seemed to stand out to me when  selecting what to include for this weeks SSS. It is important that we do not forget that nothing happens without a reason and that (in my opinion) God doesn’t make mistakes. We all have varying degrees of trust and faith too….so please be strong, try to be content in your life and overcome diversity through love. Remember, ‘Love All-All Love’ (Baba)


You see I am confused and unsure of many things, of what I may have done, or said or now have seen.

But of the beauty and the glory and in heaven up above, you gave us both Sun and Moon, and all your majestic Love.

Yet in pain and from the hurt I often misunderstand, is it for balance or in learning, that comes upon us from your hand?

And in the darkness and the depths that so many of us feel, finding  mirrors of our screams, that both reflect and now reveal.

 So why does the ‘SON’ now shine yet still I cry and cry, feeling sometimes oh so low, that I could curl up and just die.

My tears they are now falling and are warm upon my lips, and yet I know that you are here, love’s embraced and tender kiss.

If you liked these few words and know anyone else that might enjoy or benefit from them, please feel free to share them. God Bless. Dave


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