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SSS- 6 Sentence Sunday – Pain

Hi, in this recent communication / inner dictation God was advising how,in the event of  our deepest darkest hour that we are never, ever alone…..even though we may think we are.  The whole passage was very moving and uplifting too. Later on in the passage it was very interesting the expression / off cuff remark  that we all seem to usually use ie – no gain without pain was changed to  ‘no pain without gain’. I took this to mean that we are always learning and growing even in our most difficult times! God Bless all. Dave

In your love deep within you, this power and creation beckons to be released. Sometimes it trickles to the surface and others it will cascade like fountains and waterfalls from eyes and hearts. When tears fall in truth, they resonate and glisten like dew upon snowdrops in brilliant sunshine. They also sparkle like snowflakes captured by moonlight on cold frosty nights. They sing too like the gentle lullaby to a new-born child. Distinguish that this is the power and the glory but is also the pain.


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