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SSS- 6 sentence Sunday – CANCER

Hi everyone. This  came from a  very interesting inner dictation all about Cancer.  Who doesn’t know someone, somewhere who hasn’t been effected / touched by such a disease?  The overall message was very enlightening, soul-searching and comforting too.  Here is a small extract. Take care , have a great weekend. God Bless, Dave.

Therefore, if an individual  contracts or develops ‘cancer’, would (or could) anyone else say that they are not actually touched by its prevailing anguish felt by being a friend or next of kin to the sufferer?

Just as light from the Sun radiates around the Earth, so too are feelings and thoughts of hearts and minds, be it negative or positive in design or function. For this reason, the bearer may feel the physical pain; while those in close proximity feel emotional pain.

It is vital that you do not fear bodily death. In truth it is a mirage, a false curtain which needs to be drawn open, pushed aside for the light to reign in. As love knows no bounds, it has, on numerous occasions, delayed, slowed or even cured the over cast shadow upon the body.


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