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SSS- 6 sentence Sunday 8-5-2011 Oranges …aren’t the only fruit!

Hi everyone. This short extract from a future book   I am I: The In-dweller of your Heart (part 2) was written through inner dictation.  The ‘lesson’ included comparing our body’s to the outside of an orange….i love these parts because you picture the information and are easily  able to relate to its  true purpose, that  of spiritual education and guidance    If you enjoy these few lines from ‘re-union’  …………… please feel free to share them elsewhere too. Have a great weekend  everyone… God Bless, Dave AscensionForYou.

You do not wish for the orange skin to remain, as you long for the revelation, exposure and nectar within. Likewise, when you are ready on a soul level you peel away the outer layer that is the body which has hidden the true value and beauty contained within it.

Like a mirror image, those who desperately need to quench their thirst can be compared to those needing to unify and merge into me. Do not be confused for you are already part of me as I have stated many times before. It is you, as a body and soul, which has felt detached from me.

For those souls of whom I spoke earlier, their brilliance and effluence were felt and seen for miles and miles around, such was the power of their love.

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