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SSS- 6 sentence Sunday 7-8-2011 ‘You are brighter than a thousand Suns’!

Welcome to Six Sentence Sunday! You can find lots of great sixes and other authors at … enjoy!

This snippet is from a Lesson called  ‘Rituals and Monuments‘  and it’s from Book 3 (out  Nov/ Dec 2011) called  I am I: The In-dweller of your Heart  which was written through inner dictation.  I hope you can feel or sense God’s love towards you in some way. I felt my Book One cover (left),  depicted this post quite well so included it here too). Have a great weekend  everyone!  God Bless you all, Dave -AscensionForYou- Knight.

Let light reflect from your very being and not what can be deemed as a mirror of darkness and decay.

You can  and will succeed,….just believe in your self and enjoy the path that your life’s road has taken you  for I will by your side, knowing, nurturing, guiding, loving and watching forever over you.

So, let your smile beam your joy onto others hearts and let your hands do good, worthwhile actions that help and benefit others too.

Do not seek greater rewards than that which you actually deserve, but feel the goodness and not ego that shines back towards you.

Know that this is a true ‘gold’ that you can wear with greater value than any stone or ring that man possesses.

Realise then that you are rich in Spirit and so much more….. a Soul and Light which is brighter than a thousand Suns.

You may reprint this  on your web site, Facebook page, blog or newsletter and forward this email to your friends, family and colleagues. I would be really grateful though, if you please kindly include the following two sentences:

Reprinted from David Knight’s AscensionForYou’s Blog. For more information about AscensionForYou please visit

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