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SSS- 6 sentence Sunday 29-5-2011 Mirror, mirror on the wall…….

Hi everyone. This short extract from a future book   I am I: The In-dweller of your Heart (part 1) was written through inner dictation.  The ‘lesson’ itself was called Peace and Goodwill…. please feel free to share them elsewhere too. Have a great weekend  everyone, God Bless, Dave AscensionForYou.

Do not think that relationships, acquaintances or meetings of ‘like’ minds happen by chance. You go where you are needed most, for others and your own experiences too. Consider this not as fate but the pathway to greater things. Destiny, Nirvana, bliss are  just some of the ways  to describe the goal for each and every Soul.

       Know that when words are softly spoken they can uplift many a heart, but said in anger or with hate they can cut down like a sword, the very Soul which is a reflection of your own and is also me. Please then, try to see the divinity in ‘all’ and you will see yourself and your true ‘self’.


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