• David Knight (AFY)

SSS 6- sentence Sunday 23-1-2011

The earthly sweets, the ones that innocence of your early years craved for will soon be forgotten, leaving a bitter or sour flavour upon your taste buds. A tongue will no longer be needed to whet your appetite and try to fill your being. Instead, the essence and the nectar I have pollinated with my love, (like a seed) is planted within your heart. By being ‘still’ this calmness (like a sea of tranquillity) will help the seed to flourish. By cultivating and tending it with kindness and love, both growth and understanding will thrive, not wither and die. The chair you sit upon in the room of a house, in a village, town and city in different countries upon Earth, as well as all the planets, Space and galaxies within dimensions and time are part of the true sweetness of my love. Everything is an expression, a thought, a breath.


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