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SSS- 6 sentence Sunday 22-5-2011 ‘The Duracell bunny has nothing on you… so keep on sh

Hi everyone. This short extract from a future book   I am I: The In-dweller of your Heart (part 2) was written through inner dictation.      If you enjoy these few lines from ‘Freedom’  …………… please feel free to share them elsewhere too. Have a great weekend  everyone… God Bless, Dave AscensionForYou.

All must know that as you age, you tire and you are unable to achieve or do those things that as adolescents ,or young adults, you could quite easily do before. Proof indeed that your physical ‘energy’ dissipates like a battery or ‘cell’.

However, unlike the core of the battery, your Soul remains all-powerful and is as bright as you wish it to be. Are you illuminated? Is your brightness kept hidden under a shadow of doubt? Just like a torch under a blanket, you might be able to see all that is close around you, but to those on the outside, it is they who cannot see your true light, only reflections of gloomy shade.


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