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SSS 6 Sentence Sunday – 20-2-2011 I am that I am

Hi everyone. This is a short extract from another lesson taken from the future book I am I: The In-dweller of your hearts . It’s slightly different as it’s in a rhyme and reason style.

So please trust in your heart whilst learning to care, Know your hearts can be open to both hear and to share. With your dreams and wishes and prayers that I hear, comes your laughter and smiles and those tears I will clear.

I recognize all hearts filled with emotions that scar, and yet in the truth lies the door for my heart is ajar. Know that love taken away may indeed cause you pain, but for those in the ‘experience’, it is never in vain.

And realise love does not fade like your memories can do, for the heart retains the truth and that is in you. My light and my love are for each and everything, so open heart, mind and Soul to rejoice and to sing. You will then know that deep down inside, that I am in you and I shall not hide.



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