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SSS 6 Sentence Sunday 20-03-11 – The World.

Hi, this is a short extract from a future Book  I am I : The In-dweller of your Heart (part 2) entitled  The World.   Earlier in this passage of text, the divine connection had been advising us of how we can become blinded from the truth of the worlds events. Thanks for taking the time to look at this Spiritual guidance and education. Dave AscensionForYou


In such times it is important to remove any obstacles that obstruct the truth being relayed. Therefore just as one feels relief from a thorn being removed from the flesh, so to one must eradicate the splinter of confusion and illusion from  the ‘I’ (Self). Once separated, instead of  blurred or narrow vision, one will then experience clarity with body, mind and Soul in unison, as ‘one’. It is my purpose today to remind you by changing the mind, rewind and  re focus it toward’s love and light’s will. Negativity  and  fear of death or disease has tried to drive you away from me but my connection to you can never be broken. Your divine essence will steer you in the direction of truth, (just like a homing pigeon whose instinct enables it to return home ) for your heart belongs to me and vice versa.



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