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SSS- 6 sentence Sunday 15-8-2011 God’s ‘SatNav’ is in your heart!

Welcome to Six Sentence Sunday! You can find lots of great sixes and other authors at … enjoy!

This snippet is from a Lesson called  ‘ Signposts ‘  and it’s from Book 3 (out  Nov/ Dec 2011) called  I am I: The In-dweller of your Heart  which was written through inner dictation.  I hope you can feel or sense God’s love towards you in some way. Have a great weekend  everyone!  God Bless you all, Dave -AscensionForYou- Knight.

When you are unable to be ‘still’, then feel me in the wind, sunshine upon your face and raindrops falling upon your cheek.

You will know me in the mountains, valleys and upon the seas,… still wondering  of me in the stars and far off galaxies  and simply  sensing  me in the smell of a rosebud too.

 As birds fly and animals roam within the beauty of the land, gaze far and wide but  also search ‘within’ yourself to witness these things because everything you know and have experienced is but a fragment, a minute atom of all that I am (and of what you also are).

Be near to me as I will lift your heart when you are sad and I will smile and laugh with you when delight passes through all your soul’s experiences.

Do not worry or fear for I am nearer than near and  your  understanding  will come of the ‘I am’ you and you are me – indeed the living tree of life.

So, I am also the words upon your lips, the sights that you see, pain,  joy and every experience and moment that you were, are and will be!

Reprinted from David Knight’s AscensionForYou’s Blog. For more information about AscensionForYou please visit

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