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Sound and Vision

.It's true ... you don't need a big speaker to hear God ( Image courtesy of Unsplash)

So, seeing is believing, right? It’s strange how people will often say I can’t (or won’t) believe in something, or someone, unless they bear witness with their eyes. Strange that, because how does that work if you are blind? Then there' sound … well, the human hearing can only detect a limited range of decibels and frequencies, which have its benefits and drawbacks.

When the Boxing Day Tsunami occurred in 2004, wildlife and animals like elephants in particular sensed the impending ocean waves and surge long before humans even saw it on the horizon. Their audible powers far outreaching our own. On a lighter note, it must be a man thing, because when football is on the tv, and someone asks a question ... the male half of the species becomes completely deaf as a post. Or, when a wife or partner asks the man of the house to do something, for e.g., hovering … funny how they become oblivious to every word!

Obviously, these are both 2 of our senses. But what about your intuition … or your heart? How much attention do any of us pay towards the more subtle of links to the divine and our own divine nature?

The beauty of creation is everywhere. It is all around us and within us. We just need to refocus upon it, and when we do, we will realise the truth and power and magnificence of it all. Perhaps, during the week ahead, you can take a little more time to digest what the universe has to offer in so many ways than through your sound and vision. If you can, you will not regret it! Peace as always. Dave (AFY)

What's that Vin ... yes Santa is real!!!!!!!!!!

Today's top tip: Why not open your heart and soul ... not just your eyes and ears?


From my speaking heart:

Sound and Vision

"It is easier to doubt than to believe, is it not? For some though, the inner connection is more than enough, whereas others are frightened of (or deny), their own experiences, which might appear to take them even further away from me.

One must appreciate, when you have an open heart and mind … love, light and truth travel through the ether, and every dimension of time and space. So, are you now at the point and stage of your life where you not only sense, but realise deep inside, it’s time to shine the true essence of your soul? Remember, you have a golden heart, that is so precious, no earthly jewel compares.

Understand then, that during your busy life, finding the time to pause and hear me (even for a few seconds), makes it so much easier for you to believe. Go beyond your earthly senses of sound and vison. For, example, if you were in a forest, you would sense the whispers of my voice amongst the leaves of the trees, and on a hill or mountain, you could sense the vibrations and echoes of many tears, shed throughout the eons of time, during numerous cycles of rebirth and death.

Perhaps you can do this, or maybe you can’t, but none the less, we are where we are. Only by reflecting upon the peace and stillness you will become accustomed to knowing the truth, which lies in every one of your hearts.

In addition, so-called difficult times can bring darkened clouds to countless doors and hearts, restricting your vision further ... but only if you accept them, in the belief they possess a real hold over you. Consequently, those stresses, strains, and anxiety will inhibit positive thoughts and light which aim to soar both far and wide.

However, if you can see these as temporary moments in your life, these situations shall surely come and go, like passing clouds. I promise you they will fade and disappear, for every cloud has a silver lining. So please stop, look, and listen right now, because the birds still sing their sweet and merry tunes, and a blue sky will begin to emerge, as if by some magical feat or trick. Know that I am no magician though but am the source of all life ... and love. Amen."



PS. Remember, only the sights the sounds that resonate within you is the truth you need.

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