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So, how grateful are you? (A gratitude update).

Over the last few years, references to 'gratitude' seem to be appearing on many more websites and therefore you might be aware of this important aspect of living ... or not, as the case may be. However, the important thing to note here is that when you are truly grateful for ANYTHING, it will have a great influence on your well-being.

In fact, being grateful clearly transcends onto the emotional, physical, mental and also spiritual 'bodies' we possess ... but how and why does this occur? Well, in essence, when you become thankful and truly appreciate that whatever you receive in life is a true blessing - from, through and to creation /God/the Divine/the source - then one not only feels healthier, happier, more purposeful and relaxed ... you also grow to fully accept and trust that everything is exactly as it should be.

Pushing aside all our different traits, characters and personalities, one noticeable aspect that seems to occur is those who display and make their gratitude 'known', definitely have a tremendous increase in joy and abundance in their life, if this applies to you - only you can say!



Here are some short helpful snippets of advice from my inner voice ...

So, how grateful are you? (A gratitude update).

  • "Having awoken on this new day, are you grateful for your sleep, whilst having the ability to even rise from your bed? When you opened your eyes, is there any gratitude for seeing the alarm clock, while there are others without sight? And as you dress, putting on extra clothes for warmth on a cold winter’s day, can you spare a thought for those who walk half-naked upon their own road and journey of experience? Contemplate this too, when you wash your face and clean your teeth with freshwater (perhaps leaving the tap running), does a notion trickle down from the mind and into your heart, for those who pray for a single sip to quench their thirst?

  • The most important thing to appreciate is your debt to your birth mother, which you can never repay. While it is possible to clear all earthly debts, one must always be grateful towards your mother who carried you. In fact, all actions towards your parents should be respectful, and these should form part of your own ‘human values’.

  • You should not abandon any religion or spiritual practice which seeks truth … nor offer me flowers or fruits ingratitude of my love and support, for I do not require such things. It is far wiser to honour and love the real you, and as such, be true to your own Divinity.

  • People discuss the cost of oil and fuel for their cars and homes, though little thought or gratitude is given to the host and the ‘giver’ of such things. I am talking about Mother-Earth where your physical resides, and she provides you with everything your body needs to function, like the crops to nourish you and the rain to quench your thirst. Indeed, the planet is so beautiful and amazing, but until recent years, people were oblivious to her vulnerability and condition. Therefore, instead of debating ‘uncertain or unprecedented times’, there are more appropriate questions ... such as, “How can we protect the Earth and life upon her?”

  • By living in truth, you may not seem to obtain the plaudits, accolades or standing ovations, but know your Soul will shine eternally beyond those imitation lights, which fade away when popularity wanes or as gratitude and opportunities cease. Simply comprehend that your spark of Divinity will stay a brilliance of a thousand -or even a billion suns- forever in my heart. Amen".

Remember, whatever you do, think or say ... only this MOMENT is INEVITABLE



PS. Before you go to sleep tonight, why not give thanks for 5 things you were grateful for today ... and watch your life change. God Bless.Dave (AFY)

If you have a question regarding any aspect of spiritual development and would like to see it covered within a blog post, please contact us at

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