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So ... how do you know you're not already living in a Heaven?

On Thursday 22nd April we had Earth day, (first held on April 22nd, 1970) which led many people to focus upon 'climate change' ... and how Mother Nature may or may not be impacted by billions of human beings who live upon our planet.

In one corner, at this current rate of living ... there is a feeling of impending doom and irreversible damage we are causing to the world, whilst others state that the Sun has a massive impact upon its condition, after all, the Earth has been cooling and heating up ever since it was formed ... ever heard of the ice age?

Whatever side of the fence you sit there is no doubting how wonderful and special 'she' is. We are lucky to be living here in our 'physical' form, able to experience such beautiful things as rainbows, clouds, mountains, seas, trees and plants and flowers and animals and insects. So, how do you know that you are not already living in heaven? In any case ... God truly is magnificent.

Now, you might not believe 'he' is the creator, but the fact remains that without water or air or food or light/heat we wouldn't exist. And in one celebration to mark this year's earth day, Thailand's Dharmmakaya Temple broke the Guinness World Record for the largest candle display on Thursday with over 300,000 candles lit to mark Earth Day ... wow!

No matter what your thoughts are on this subject ... please just consider the impact you are having on the world around you. Peace and love and light to you! (AFY)

Today's top tip: When we are selfless, not selfish ... we can do so much more for the world around us.

From my speaking Heart...

So ... how do you know you're not already living in Heaven?

"Upon the Earth-plane, much conflict and heartache persist, and Mother Nature is often frustrated with floods, fires, and many other means in which to express her ‘being’. Through all these situations, experiences, or tests, humankind endures and can become strengthened, with many shining brighter than ever before. Like a patchwork quilt or blanket, you are each a segment, connecting and playing out their part to expand the consciousness of love and light.

You may think of nature’s beauty, as well as its destructive power ... well appreciate the ‘elementals’ of earth, air, water, and fire magnify life in all its glory, and also death. So, energy ranging from the sublime and beautiful rainbow to the volcano’s fire and brimstone … and from the pure clear water of the sea to the tornado or hurricane from ‘hell’, are all events and occurrences which evolve from what is consumed and emitted from everyone who lives upon the impermanent plane. It is no more complicated or difficult to comprehend than this.

It has, and always will be, essential to try to live in peace and harmony, with gratitude of and for ‘mother’ Earth who sustains you inside the physical embodiment. When you live in truth with nature, you must realize all life is ‘one’, and by doing so, every action leads to a positive and negative reaction. Therefore, balance is a key for stability and in being ‘still', you can nurture your own true nature within. Amen."



PS. Remember, whatever your thoughts on climate change and environmental protection ... you still have the CHOICE to preserve the natural world and all its wonders.

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