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Six Sentence Sunday 24-4-2011 MIRACLES!

HAPPY EASTER to all.  Yes the Lord has our hearts and minds and within our Souls. Yes indeed a miracle….so when I had been thinking what short extract (from my next book I am I: The In-dweller of your Heart – part 1)  should I include at this special time….what better place than  these few lines from 2007 from a lesson called Miracles! I loved these ones…hope you will too. God Bless, Dave

When you are ‘still’, know me as the air that fills your lungs – the breath of life. When the sunshine falls upon your face, know that I am here, there and am forever in every place. When you hear a bird song like a gentle lullaby, know that I am within you always, never to say good-bye. When you smell the fragrance from colourful blooms and petals, know that I am the true scent that perfumes your heart. When you see spectacular natural phenomena, know that your gaze has seen but a fragment of my power. When you touch and wipe a tear from your eye, know that your Soul bleeds the truth that is your ‘self’, you and ‘I’.

Please feel free to share these words with anyone you may think will find  them uplifting or interesting….many thanks, Dave     


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