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Repeat after me, "You are not this body ... and you are not even this mind!"

Updated: Jan 24, 2021

What is the real destination of your heart & soul? This is just one burning question that so many people ask, especially as they age to consider their own mortality. However, this becomes so much less of an issue (or a concern) when you begin to understand who and what you really are.

Infact, you could say you become 'realized' ... whereby you realize that you are not this body ... and you are not even this mind that continually generates your thoughts. In addition, through self-realization, know that you will lose your immorality and become a true being of human values ... to radiate love, kindness, compassion, forgiveness, and truth. These are the stepping-stones across the waters of doubt and fear which guide you to God's heart forevermore. Thus, immortality of the soul becomes the reality, but it is in the recognition and understanding of such which leads you towards the goal.

TRY THIS TIP: Whenever you go to bed - repeat these following words with meaning and sincerity, "I am not this body ... and I am not even this mind!" Your internal and external viewpoints of who and what you are will change.

Deep within you is your own truth ... just reach for it!


Here is a treat for you ... a whole 'lesson' from my speaking heart, which I hope you can spare a few minutes to read ... it's entitled


"I have spoken before about the importance of keeping what you wear clean, as it reflects from, through, and upon the ‘inner’ self, but today I wish to expand on this for your spiritual growth and a greater awareness.

It is often said clothes ‘maketh’ the man, but this depicts and places the person into a ‘pigeonhole’ of both character and personality, so how much truth is there in this? Indeed, some may assume people who wear business suits are intelligent, in good professions, and are financially well off (or even ‘rich’), and perhaps this might be the case.

For many others though, one’s education and appearance can hide both good and positive traits, as well as evil and negative ones too (like a wolf in sheep’s clothing), so one could argue whether clothes really portray the truth. Well, many of you hold different viewpoints, so truth can often be found on each side of the ‘story’.

For instance, some would state you can judge a person and their character by the condition of what they wear, and moreover the shoes on their feet. But if they are scuffed, unclean or unpolished, do you think this also depicts their attitude to life (or even their soul), in the same unkempt or unloved way?

In contrast, would you deem the homeless, a vagrant or so-called tramp, less concerned with their own heart and divinity than your own, just because they seem to live and be this way regarding their hair or appearance? In fact, there are many more elements or sides of this scenario. You could even say multi-faceted, because it not only incorporates opinions, but must also include the circumstances and reason behind self-discipline, self-neglect, and even one’s health.

By understanding that a ‘down and out’ may still radiate the light and love flowing through them, you must conclude all hearts shine, and are able to illuminate and guide others from a pathway of tears. Therefore, one can become too quick and easy to judge (or condemn), another with prejudicial views, which have themselves been cast upon the mind by the ego, disdain, frustration, jealousy, or pride.

As such, for the ‘human’ race to thrive and continue to grow in truth, one must display tolerance and forgiveness in equal measure, thereby offering encouragement and kindness, not only beyond the physical expression of materialism, but emotionally and mentally too. One’s strength does not only encapsulate your embodiment, but also represents and brings stamina to your thoughts and fortitude for the heart.

Now then, you may assume this lesson will teach and explain from the viewpoint of just clothing the skin, but what about the soul, covered by one’s body, the first exterior garment or ‘overcoat’? Well, the physicality of a human being is both amazing and beautiful, but how often do you stop to contemplate this?

Perhaps one simply takes it for granted, unless your health (or that of a relative or friend), is compromised. Not until you suffer aches and pains, become ill through neglect, abuse, or overwork, and push yourself beyond your limits, do you realize how important, how valuable, and how fragile you can be.

Of course, from the moment of your physical birth, the body is aging, and only through a continual effort to maintain it, can this cope with the interior and exterior rain of tears, frozen hearts, and the pressure and turbulence of (and from) the mind, which resembles strong gales attempting to knock you off your feet.

So how can you obtain additional protection whenever troubled times come? One ought to appreciate your faith, as this can be your umbrella; a shield not only against another’s thoughts and feelings which would like to penetrate your whole being, but also stops you wishing to do the same.

Understand your trust will ensure the overcoat will function properly, insulating you through and against ‘bitter’ enemies from within, when worldly desires whip up and whirl into a frenzied chill of discontent. Then, your own inner belief will enable you to comprehend the truth of why you must prevail, and of who and what you truly can become.

Know each of these elements can fasten down any entry of doubt that wishes to test you, trying to discover whether you are prepared or not. Likewise, just like three amazing buttons, the mind, heart, and soul are stronger when fully functioning as ‘one’. Perhaps whatever or whomever you deem as your ‘God’ (I am I), can also be a ‘fail-safe’, like a protective zip, a fast solution if-or when-you need some extra support to keep negativity, fear, or despair away from you both quickly and effectively.

As I watch over all of you, I know some of your garments (bodies) are new, while others hang together by threads of hope, but each one of you retains a ‘sell-by’ date, which your own soul chose long ago. Only through karma and my grace can this ever be changed, and only if ‘love’ requires or demands it to be done. How else can someone live beyond the time, which medically should have come and gone?

Yes indeed, love knows no bounds, but the same must be understood when a child who comes into the physical world, lives only for one second, one minute, or perhaps a single hour. The souls of all concerned know what is needed and not what is wanted, however painful this appears to be.

Now then, do you look after yourself? Do you ever question what or how much you eat or exercise? Does the thought of cleanliness next to Godliness ever cross your mind? Perhaps it is not the body which needs looking after first, but the mind? How often would you look in the mirror and let your thoughts dictate whether your clothes and/or body suit you? Alternatively, could the opinions of others become more important than the acceptance of one’s self, deep inside your own heart?

I urge you, please, do not succumb to these things, as negativity likes to rip holes in the fabric of your well-being by picking away at your positive thinking, believing this will cause irreparable damage to your self-confidence. But I am the ‘I’ (eye) of the needle, which is your very real and first defence, working and mending tirelessly, not on your behalf, but with you ... together as one. So, you see, there are many similarities between the clothes of your body and the cloth of your Soul. Ultimately, it is always your own choice to establish if one is more than, or as equally important as the other.

Eventually, when it is time to leave the mortal coil, your divine essence will elevate beyond the weight of exterior garments. Hopefully, your body has done its job, enabling you to not only experience the clearing and balancing of karmic debt, but also the wonder of the ‘embodiment’, which has enabled you to express your love and kindness separate from your physical body and mind.

From this day forward, your thoughts can bring a fresh beginning, and like wearing new shoes, may they shine with every step you take, so your heart can welcome the enlightened path of truth you now walk upon. Amen."



PS. Remember, you are not the body or the mind ... but a soul - a being of 'light and love' ... so illuminate the true 'you'.

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