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Poem from AscensionForYou

AscensionForYou – Spiritual Guidance and education.


A fire to be rekindled will light up one’s surroundings,

Its warmth felt far and wide and higher than a mountain.

A flame resurrected now, to glisten and glow anew,

For the colours of the Soul, shine the millions not the few.

Encamped are the many that now wait with baited breath,

They came from far and wide on paths that have been set.

Words from hearts and minds, to join and sing as ‘one’,

Now some at journeys end, whilst other’s just begun.

God’s love it was the spark and is all that one does need,

There before the start, upon the wind all sown as seeds.

For growth and for our karma and within cause and effect,

A child needs space sometimes, to pause and to reflect.

Now once upon a time, as the fable and story goes,

A prince and his princess came from eras of the old.

Joined as ‘one’ to stand, and to wear those golden crowns,

Light emanates from all Souls and some not so earthly bound.

Marriage in truth they said, as they were duly then entwined,

And what is mine is yours and what  is yours is also mine.

Then a kiss betrothed, which fell upon those precious lips,

One heart forever now, in God’s heavenly, eternal bliss.

So it’s time to now digest, these  new words falling from this pen,

Thoughts and deeds upon the mind, not all are from that of ‘men’.

Know we’re far away, but forever near at hand,

United are we all, and together we’ll all stand.


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