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Mayday ... Mayday ... Mayday!

We thought that might get you thinking, but I am writing this on the 1st of May the day before the blog post goes out haha (on the 2nd) … and as soon as I turned the calendar over this morning, it prompted the idea for its subject matter … ‘Mayday’.

Now, let’s hope none of you are currently in any distress, but if you had to scream for real assistance you’d need to comply with convention and shout Mayday 3 times in a row! This confirms an initial emergency declaration … and also prevents it from being mistaken for some similar-sounding phrase.

If at sea, sailors probably coined the expression ‘Save Our Ship’ to signal for help from a vessel in distress. NB Morse code is a signal sequence of 3 dits, 3 dats, and another 3 dits spelling “SOS”.

In reality, as you make your way through this journey we call life … it’s almost odds- on that there will be a day when you truly need ‘divine’ guidance and support. Have you ever needed it? If you were in a perilous situation would you shout Mayday or, mark SOS in the snow, use rocks upon a hill or write it in wet sand upon the shore. Perhaps you might simply scream for help?

I guess we’ll never know until you truly require God’s grace and mercy ... and it will be down to your own faith and belief whether the Creator will answer! Enjoy today’s post and have a lovely week ahead. (AFY)

Today's top tip: Your soul and heart and everything you think you 'own' is only granted to you through the power of God's love. The air you breathe, the water you drink, and the food you eat are all provided for you too, so indeed, dear God ... we owe you our lives. Thank you!

From my speaking Heart...

Mayday ... Mayday ... Mayday!

"When you become ‘still’, an opening arises for all Souls, like a doorway through the darkness, emerging into light … and you undertake these journeys so understanding, knowledge, experience, and enlightenment can follow. No boundaries exist when you continue with patience and forbearance, as only your own heart can place any limits upon oneself.

Please also realize, when you contemplate and reside in the purity of stillness, everything resonates in time together, as your vibration/energy, light, and love connect with me. Subsequently, you receive and send power, and these spiral like a beautiful rainbow across time and space, love beaming brightly as it fragments into sparks of an eternal flame from a fire burning within ... which is a true marvel to comprehend and witness.

In addition, when you sit and wonder, perhaps contemplating upon everything around you, it is easy to forget the beauty ‘within’, put aside until another day, week, month, or year. Well, understand time resembles an everlasting river, carrying you along, but not to where you truly belong, which is with me eternally. Therefore, I wait and I wait, and I wait ... and because I am your shoreline and your rescue, you do not need to send an SOS for I am already here, inside your heart, and the recognition of such is all you need to help lead you to your timeless future.Amen."



PS. Remember, God's grace is like insurance ... and it's certainly better to have it!

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