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As Autumn (the fall) gets under full swing, we are about to witness 'creation' in action. Can you be like the trees and let go...

Today's post

Everything changes ... yes, absolutely nothing stays the same. As stated many times before, we are changing since the moment of our birth into the physical realm. And we are, in fact, closer to ending our mortal coil with every second that passes.

Now before you scream, I'm morbid, just have a think about this. Time waits for no one. So, why do we like to keep the status quo in our work and rest and play? What are we afraid of?

Instead of embracing the seasons of our life, why do we suffer any winter's discontent? Our emotions and thoughts and fears (which all stem from past experiences) trap us like an illusionary cage, formed by the mind. Why can't we simply let go ... and let God?

I urge you to stop self deprecating and love yourself. Try to dismiss petty annoyances and frustrations too, for they can grip you like a vice. Celebrate your worth in this world, you are a vital in the grand scheme of things ... if you weren't, you would not be here whereby you can learn and grow and develop as a human being and soul. Dave (AFY)

Today's top tip: No matter what you are going through or experience in your life, and wherever you are ... it makes NO difference to God. Know that you are loved beyond comprehension!

From my speaking heart: LETTING GO ... WITH THOSE AUTUMN GOLDS.

" In spring, summer, autumn, or the cold,

I am the way, the door, and the true spiritual gold.

With nuggets to inspire, to teach, and to guide,

I shall reveal what you seek, as those answers are inside.

Just take each morning as it arrives. Know it is new and full of moments to grow, appreciate, and share. The past is gone. Only in the present lies the true foundations for the future. Grasp it with both hands and your heart, so you can make a difference to your own world around you. Then, by linking love and light with neighbours, friends and family, the radiance of truth can envelop the globe, nation to nation, as one.

Please now pause for a moment. Watch the autumn leaves slowly spiral to the ground. Colours of red, orange, and golden brown all float and land where they will; curling up as if to rest … but not at journey’s end, for their goodness—and essence—will eventually merge into the earth to be reborn.

Bear in mind too, the physical overcoat is just the same, but ‘within’ you are not. In this lifetime, whether young or old, and no matter what caste, creed, religion, or faith, you all have the same opportunity to transcend and ascend from these ‘earth-plane’ sojourns. Will you reach for it? Will you take it? Well … such choices are your own.

Like the hymn, ‘Morning has broken’—but you, though—can never be. So forget any past regrets and move forward this day with enthusiasm and renewed determination. Be kind to your soul. Live and be worthy of the love you were, are, and forever shall be. Let today’s new dawn light the way, in the knowledge I am eternally within, above, below, beside, in front, and behind you, and in all ways … every single day.

Once you are ready, it is time to return to your permanent state, and as those autumn leaves fall ... bliss and peace, and your true inheritance beckons. My breath shall blow upon every leaf, and even though they seem to fade and die, in reality they fly and soar beyond your earthly senses. In doing so, believe my love guides you all … every single one, straight back home, forever unto me. Amen."



PS. Remember, you were born of love ... to live in love ... and are always loved by God.

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