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Kindness is Magic...

As you make your way through life you have a choice to be joyful and loving. And, no matter what difficulties you face each day, the ability to rise above misery, pain and fear always remains deep within you. Of course, it's easy to say these things when you are not suffering emotionally, mentally, or physically but we must try with all our might to be happy.

One of the main attributes you possess on your earth-plane 'journey' is the ability to be kind ... and this has magical properties which not only benefit the recipient of said kindness but this will also enrich your own heart and soul too.

So, can you smile and wave at a neighbour or lend a helping hand to someone or some ‘thing’ this day? Perhaps you could make that telephone call to lift the spirits of a friend … do an unexpected gesture of goodwill for another when they least expect it? What about being kind to yourself with some ‘me time’ and concentrate on your hobby or goal that you wish to pursue? And, what about caring for your soul with some quiet contemplation and reflection? Whatever way you look at it ... Kindness is Magic. Have a lovely week ahead- and keep shining! (David— AFY)

Today's top tip: Each day, please try to make room for some sparkly stuff … it’s about time you brought some kindness into your life.

(From my speaking Heart)

Kindness is Magic...

"Through kindness and love, you are able to share with those who open their own hearts and minds, helping others to grow and know whom and why they ‘are’, and what they will become. Know that when you re-invite me into your life, I can shine through all the abilities and senses you possess, and hence your actions then bear fruit for others to find sustenance and growth. The milk of human kindness will pour from person to person, city to city, and nation to nation. The world only needs to believe and act in truth, for this to become reality.

Wherever you are, you may indeed seem small, insignificant, or even dispensable, but you are not. Like an ingredient missing from a meal, it would not go unnoticed. If a take a single cog from an old clock, its hands would fail to turn. Likewise, a torch will fade and disappear without all the battery cells within it. Comprehend, there is no difference with each Soul … which is why the Earth and humanity need everyone to connect and illuminate in these current times. Can you help each other, and in doing so aid yourself? Will you link in unison, or be as negative and positive, seemingly poles apart?

Please try and let your love flow from, through and to you always, in all ways. Opportunities will present themselves in every aspect of your existence, within your home, family, work, and social lives too. Each one can be utilized and shared for truth and honesty, without prejudice, and with sincerity. In essence, they resemble butterflies’ wings, which silently beat upon the breeze, and yet they carry echoes of peace and kindness to resonate over mountains of ego and pain, captured over countless lifetimes. Amen."



PS. Remember, kindness personified is when you can love the things ... that you think ... cannot think!

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