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Just what the doctor ordered...

After the UK’s coldest April for 60 years and the wettest May for over 25 years we have finally got a real shot in the arm! No, I'm not taking about Covid-19 jabs ... as I don't see many people jumping for joy or walking about with a beaming smile from those. I'm talking about that beautiful orange ball way across space shining down upon us all.

Without the sun we would all die. Without water we'd all shrivel up and turn to dust. Without the air we breathe ... well, you get the picture. In fact, when we arise in the morning it is easy to forget exactly how fortunate we are when our needs to sustain our physical well-being are all taken care of.

Now, you may believe that humanity is merely fortunate, and just struck it lucky and this has nothing to do with God. Or, through your faith or beliefs there is a divine force of 'creation' which loves and cares and wants the best for us, despite the troubles and difficulties 'life' throws our way.

Whatever side of the so-called fence you site, no one can deny the glorious feeling that the sunshine brings us as you feel it on your face, sense it in your heart which brings a spring to your step ... I for one, know It is just what the Universal doctor ordered!

Have a terrific week ahead and enjoy these blue skies and sunny weather folks! Peace to all. (AFY)

(If you watch/read this, please know you don't really have to study the Atlantean Masters!)

Today's top tip: The only teacher and truth you need to follow (and can fully depend upon) ... is that which resides inside you.


From my speaking Heart:

Just what the doctor ordered

"You sit and become ‘still’ on the warmest evening of the year so far, and all around you one can hear the ‘buzz’ of life, with beautiful birdsong, the hum of bees and wasps, and even an occasional fly, indeed, it seems all of Creation is blossoming.

Finally, after many weeks of rain, and those cloudy days and nights, summer has truly arrived, and across the valley, the Sun’s haze starts to dwindle, leaving a picturesque scene of green and golden fields. The hedgerows and trees (now in full leaf), frame the ‘image’ in all its splendor, this is nature is at its finest, of which an artist’s pallet would do well to emulate and capture for other eyes to behold.

Even so, one will often survey such beauty and their surroundings, and yet still forget to stop and listen to the world about you. However, if you were to make the time to contemplate upon the serenity and peace, you can feel recharged and quite content too.

In fact, it becomes quite easy to take life for granted, especially when rushing through the day, but if it is possible to place the mind and body from fast forward onto pause, you will realize just how much you’re missing. For instance, the radiant flowers in the borders, blossom in the hedges, birds on the wing, a spider in its web, the ladybird on a leaf, and lice making their merry way over the soil and wood, these are all but a glimpse of the oneness of life.

Now, within this moment, the warm air is like a blessing bestowed, and I sense so much gratitude from numerous heats, because it uplifts your thoughts and brings well-being too. As you look upwards, swifts and swallows both sweep and glide, bringing elegance to the sky above, and as you pause and reflect once again, appreciation towards me beams inside and out, as I place my loving grace over thee. The well of thy heart is full to the brim at times like these, so enjoy the happiness you experience, and try (if you can), to send it back into the ether. Amen."



PS. Remember, as I am you and you are me (the light, the way and the truth), then you must start to see your future through different lenses. Many will state that an ambition, goal or the desire for reality is like looking through rose tinted glasses … this is not the case, for if you look to, from and through your heart, you bear witness to the victory of all battles, which is over ‘Self’

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