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Just Trust The Process...

Updated: May 23, 2021

Around the world, many people practice meditation for a variety of reasons. Some wish to alleviate stress or disease, others to touch upon the peace and bliss within. Methods of meditation vary and include concentrating on a sound or an image, repeating various mantras or even undertaking graceful movements of the body.

Appreciate, each method can help the mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual bodies you possess, but only in silence can you experience the ultimate reality of your true self. So, whether you class yourself as a beginner or as an expert makes no difference; any notions of ego have no place in God’s kingdom of light. Understand, the path to knowing Him is through knowing yourself.

The power of the ‘stillness’ you require begins with a slow breath, followed by another, and then another … until you forget you are breathing at all. Sometimes you will fall asleep, but that is only because some part of you needs the rest. In time, you will learn to release the mind; moreover, the mind will lose its power over your true essence and divinity.

As you sit and become still, peace shall descend on you. The hustle and bustle of the day will soon fade away into a distant memory and you will become calm. Please do not worry about achieving this peace, for the process of clearing clutter from your mind becomes easier with practice.

In addition, remove the desperate desire to ‘learn’, as this can sometimes hinder the guidance you are destined to receive. By turning your autopilot off, whenever you can, you connect and retain the power to change the way you live ... so, just trust the process!

Try to connect with the 'truth of you' as much as you can and wherever you can. Peace and love and light to you for the week ahead. (AFY)

(Don't worry ... meditation is not the cause of a bigger belly!)

Today's top tip: 'One must illuminte the path with their own inner enquiry'.


From my speaking Heart:

Just Trust The Process...

"During your meditations, your sojourns of the soul are as complex or as simple as you need them to be. Any so-called obstacles and tribulations occur for numerous reasons, one of which is to help you to pause and reflect on who and what you are. These barriers also bring forth the right conditions for your karma and equilibrium; in turn, they assist your growth and inner experience.

In the peace and quietness, do not wish for an easier path, but accept the here and now. Be positive and strong, whatever comes your way. You are not separate from our ‘oneness’; you are part of 'me' ... God, the source and creator. So, you will never have to face these days alone. Remember, though, I comprehend everything that you think, say, and do ... and no secret can be kept from me, for I AM the eternal witness.

Please understand that your future is only the result of the seeds you sow in the present. Therefore, cast your thoughts, words, and deeds, with care, into the ploughed furrows of the truth within your heart. Know that they will grow and flourish, as His light radiates on them. The roots of your ambitions will be nourished and sustained by the fountain of tears which emanate from pure joy.

The love which flows to, through and from you, will shine forth and you will open like a flower bud. Through spiritual guidance and education, the plumes of divine fire, deep inside you, will resemble dew-covered flower petals, shining for all to see. Know too, that your magnificence can be displayed for evermore; so therefore comprehend that your brilliance is without limitation. Amen."



PS. Remember, you are not your body and you are not your mind!

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