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Just take a deep breath...

In this fast-paced world, our experiences may leave us frustrated, annoyed, perplexed or angry. Sometimes a situation or an outcome ... maybe technology, or even the people we are with, can drive us crazy! With so many trials and tribulations we face each day, it's often difficult to control our emotions, which rise to the surface through our thoughts and word and deeds ... but we must.

We need to let go of such things ... and one simple way to stay calm is to just remember to count to 10 and take a deep breath. How many times have you ever been told that one?

Well, this certainly helps, and you don't need to feel any so-called negative emotions to do this. You can pause what you are doing anytime, of course, and when you focus upon your breathing, you allow yourself to sense the calmness of peace washing over you.

Know that when you inhale, you are breathing in the vibrancy of cosmos. Draw up the energy of the Earth tooand as you exhalelet all your worries and anxiety fall away.Your breath will soon become like the ebb and flow of the tide.

If you try this, even for just a few moments, you will feel uplifted ... no matter what the day holds for you. Have a lovely, peaceful week ahead and remember ... just take a deep breath! . (AFY)

Today's top tip: Try to blend the breath of Heaven with the breath of the Earth with your own, and you will realise yourself ... as the breath of life!


From my speaking Heart:

Just take a deep breath...

If you feel that you are suffocating under the pressure of another's thought and word and deed, or that life seems to be enclosing all about you ... simply sense me as the wind, blowing across your face .

Then, open your heart and know me as all of creation, forever expanding and growing beyond your mind and your dreams. Understand too, that the life-force and energy flows through my beating heart into every fiber, particle, atom, and all elements known and unknown to mankind ... when I 'breathe'.

I urge you to overcome any adversities and those times when you think you are somehow painfully restricted, so when you breathe with purpose and clarity, you can absorb the entire universe.




PS. Remember, the breath of life is creation, and it binds and ties everything together.

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