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Just Express Yourself!

Some people are introverts, bashful, or restrained. Others are the opposite, confident, outspoken … though some might say egotistic. So, let me ask you, how do you express yourself? Do you explain and talk, or do you utilise the physical, sending out information and signals through your body language? Both can be meaningful, though, it is quite easy for those who draw close (upon the various planes of existence) to become confused or mystified by what is often said or done.

This is because true expression comes only from within you. This guiding light is a beacon, strengthening your character and personality, and through these attributes, the viewer, listener, or the participant of a joint activity will realise this.

However, one ought to consider, that to rely upon words alone (to either explain or show their love), will, in fact, cannot break down those physical, emotional, mental, or social barriers … which each soul has erected or inflicted upon themselves over the millennia. In addition, speech itself is too diverse, with many negative traits. What is nectar to one could bring distress and become poisonous to anoth

So, what is the solution? How should you conduct yourself? One way would be to always say what you think … and also do what you say. This can be easier said than done because you may wonder about the consequences ... perhaps hurting another’s feelings. In spiritual terms one must simply learn to just express yourself. Enjoy God’s take on this matter in this week’s post (below). Take care for now and keep strong. (AFY)

Today's top tip: Live through truth, whatever your emotions ... as your divine essence, need to prevail.


From my speaking heart:

Just Express Yourself!

"I understand many of you find it difficult to express yourselves, or ‘see’ what others portray in their thoughts and words and deeds. This can seem strange to those elementals and other life forces that surround and watch over you all ... because with such beauty and radiance of light within you, one should naturally radiate from the heart.

One must realise then, most of your confusion stems from the inability to say what you feel, think, or want to do. Know this is a denial of self-expression, often caused by the fear of rejection, or concern for your own (or someone else’s) wellbeing.

However, in silence, you will find the truth … away from such things. The spiritual seeker knows that through their experiences within, comes the real expression of our love as ‘one’. By feeling and acknowledging this connection each day, your faith can grow stronger, and this will enable you to express yourself in your true light.

Appreciate for too long now, the obscurity of illusion, which befalls the impermanent world, has dimmed human being’s illumination. However, every person can take a step—no matter how small—to emerge from the darkness and shadow of doubt. Then, as one moves forward, your life and the journey becomes easier to understand, and enables you to comprehend more of what and why you are as you are.

Please realise, only the individual can make their own commitment to embark upon the journey to eternal bliss and peace. Think of this as a voyage, a continued quest, and a mission you cannot leave into the hands of another ... which is your own burden, and yet your joy, your incomprehensible joy.

Not forgetting those who have met their goal and therefore ascended, because their light shines love unto all. They see, sense, and know you, and hear your hearts, souls, and minds as one. They aid you in immense and vastly different ways, expressing themselves in helping and encouraging and supporting you, especially through your assumed troubled times.

Know that love is the ultimate expression they give so freely to you all. You are not their mother, father, sister, or brother, or in fact any other person you would care to imagine … for they, you and we are all one family. Unconditional is their love, it is a sacrifice, and their humility echoes both far and wide, resonating on many vibration levels.

Conversely, those who lie in the gutter will see and experience me through the strangers who offer them food, water, and comforts. In contrast, people who live in opulence and decadence will come to recognize me through their own expression too, if they can discover and acknowledge this in their hearts.

Make no mistake; I do not judge any of you by colour, creed, or whatever possessions you have accumulated in this world upon the ‘earth-plane’. In addition, whether meek and poor or rich and famous, no one is more, or any less worthy, of my grace.

You all emanate from my heart, and only when humanity as whole expresses love through their own hearts can total self-realization be fulfilled. Therefore, trust in me during all your endeavours … and live in the knowledge your beautiful light can never be extinguished, for you are the expression and truth of me. Amen."



PS. Remember, it is not appropriate for anyone to judge another person, but try lending a helping hand at all times.

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