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It's True ... Love Knows No Bounds!

The age-old question, 'What is Love?' often crops up if we feel used, abused, frightened, lonely, lost, in pain, hated or persecuted and in countless other scenarios of life too. Such doubt as to whether it even exists may also occur when someone is searching for their dream partner, their 'soul mate' ... and constantly feel they will never experience a true connection with another heart. Other's may wish for unconditional love ... which God actually shares with you in abundance btw though it often goes unrecognized.

Creatures of all shapes and sizes experience this togetherness and oneness all the time, because there's no demand or requirements or attachments placed upon it. For example, take your love for a pet, which might feel stronger than that for a sibling or any other human being! And your pets love for you in return can be magical indeed. If you doubt this, watch this wonderful video here.

When you genuinely think about love, all the searching is strange or even in vain, because love is what you are made of. It is all around you (as an energy) and exists in every form of creation, but we simply resist, fear, dismiss ... or simply 'miss' it.

So, in the week ahead, may 'love' be at the forefront of your mind (or moreover in your heart) within everything you think, say, or do. Enjoy today's post, and love and light to one and all. (AFY)

Today's top tip: Create love, my 'beloved' ... because you are love.



From my speaking Heart:

It's True ... Love Knows No Bounds!

"Now far away and yet nearer than near,

Live your own truth … by not living with fear.

For some of you doubt, upon this journey and road,

But choices and decisions, need the love of your Souls.

In fact, your light is my light, and your life is mine too,

For all reside in my heart, not only the few.

Those illusions become shattered and now cast aside,

As my peace washes over you, like an ever-flowing tide.

Indeed … cleansing and purifying is the power of my love,

While my grace lies in tears, which fall from within and above.

These delicate drops, of truth touch your lips,

Whilst your heart often aches ... just for one sweet embrace.

For no division can exist, between both the ‘you’ and of I,

Unlike the differences and senses, like smell or of sight.

As entwined are we, firmly fixed upon the goal,

To stay within bliss, such a cherished Soul.

Now Angels of Light, they sing out my name...

For in truth, we are one, and ‘all’ are the same.

So, hold on to those thoughts, yes purity of mind,

The truth for all life, all beings and ‘mankind’.

So inspire and aspire to behold now the truth,

Whether you are young or become old, and feel long in the tooth!

Please try to be kind, to those behind dark curtains or false screens…

As those veils of despair, only disguise what I mean.


. ... .... .. .. .



PS. Remember, love is everything ... and everything is love!

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