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It's all inevitably linked!

Updated: Jun 13, 2021

It may be hard to believe, but throughout creation everything connects ... no division or separation because all life is one. You cannot have light without the dark, night without day, and what about truth without confusion, or belief without faith?

In fact, the list is endless, and only you can say whether you feel you're individual or part of the ‘whole’ in the grand scheme of things. Some may consider the aspects of mind, body and soul as separate entities but they are all inevitably linked… therefore when we feel emotionally or mentally ‘stressed’ the symptoms appear as many forms of ‘illness’ upon the body. Disease is dis-ease… being ill at ease with yourself.

You are a master of your own feelings and emotions, so as you make your way through your day, try not to allow your senses to deviate from the truth of ‘you’, which is love.

May peace and joy resonate from, through and to you always. (AFY)

Today's top tip: Don't allow your thoughts of the past ... to influence the 'present' or future 'you'.


From my speaking Heart:

It's all inevitably linked!

"The merits in serving others far outweigh the so-called hardship, because when you link heart and hands you connect like daisy chains, once scattered across an imaginary lawn of time, space and all creation. The strength of these connections lies deep inside you, within a genuine desire to emit love and peace.

Your ‘bodies’, like the stems, may weaken when split open, but when entwined, love flows from one to another. Unlike this chain of ‘flowers’ (though some call them ‘weeds’), the soul is your actual connection to me, which can never break or pulled apart ... so you cannot wither, fade, or die.

I see each spark of divinity as myself; hence you are me, as I am you. Keep this knowledge forever in your heart, for it will instil the determination to overcome the daily ‘tests’ you face. Try to believe all circumstances are blessings, and though they often appear to frustrate, aggravate, annoy, and tease you, it is only the ‘monkey’ mind becoming irritated, reflecting this consciously upon your thoughts and feelings.

Ignorance of such can be bliss, so go with the flow as much as you can, in the knowledge I am forever watching over you, looking out for you, and wishing you only what your heart desires and not what the mind believes or thinks it needs." Amen.



PS. Remember, affect will always follow cause!

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