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Today's post

Whatever happens in life we have a choice on how we feel or react. As sparks of the divine our inherent nature is love, so why should we see anything and everything as being full of joy? It is, therefore, true, that even during those times when all we want to do is to bury our heads in the sand, we should at least try to be joyful ... not miserable.

As human beings this might not be easy, but who said it was ever going to be? We must strive to feel good and be happy come what may, after all, God knows what we need when we need it and why! Know that angst, stress, depression, and fear are not the real aspects of your soul. They are only traits that become imposed upon us through our minds which manifest in our emotions which flow into our hearts.

This week, try to elevate above such 'negativity'. Be joyous ... for it is only your choice.

Keep strong and positive always. (Dave-AFY)

Today's top tip: I know it's not always easy making your way through life ... but at least try to imagine each day as a celebration of who and what you are. You are amazing. You are beautiful. You are powerful. You are Love ... and loved. So, be happy and feel the joy!

From my speaking heart: It's Only Your Choice

It’s your choice to be joyful or not. No one else controls your emotions, on how you react to any given experience or circumstance in your life. You see, the consequences of your stress and annoyances and frustrations don’t really concern or affect anyone else … it is you who suffer from the consequences of your emotions, and this will usually manifest upon the body and the mind through illness. Then there is the pain of the heart which, through unhappiness can feel broken in two.

The secret here is to try and bring a feeling of lightness to your heart … renew the joy inside you for living! Understand that laughter and joyous love will bring out the child in you, which will transmute any feelings of negativity and heaviness within you.

One should make their days joyful and watch the world around you change for the better. In reality, your true accomplishment is the joy you cause in the ‘heart’ of God … and ‘joy’ derived from service reacts upon the physical body and helps keep you free from disease too.


PS And Sai Baba says:

For spiritual discipline, one must cultivate the quality of always being joyful, with a smile on the face. This contributes to contentment and gives one progress on the path with a minimum of inner discord. Understand too ... that grief can be a friendly reminder, even a better teacher than joy.



PS. Remember, simply spread the JOY!!

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