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Is the ‘The Secret’ Spiritual? A great post by my friend Mathew Welsh (reprinted)

Spiritual Media Blog Newsletter

The Secret has received a lot of attention over the past few years.  The Secret is a movie about the Law of Attraction which states that, “like attracts to like” and that what is held in the mind tends to show up in your life.

However, one aspect of the Law of Attraction that is often not fully utilized is to ask a Higher Power for assistance.  This Law can become far more fruitful when one asks for the guidance, help or assistance of something greater than ourself.  Traditional religionists may refer to this Higher Power as God or the Holy Spirit or Jesus.  People with other beliefs may refer to this Higher Power as the Universe, Spirit, or the Creative Presence of Life.

Whatever one calls this Higher Power; know that there is something greater than you that is available to help guide you to attract what it is that you really, really, really, want. Besides,what God wants for you is often forty times greater than what you want for yourself.

Seeking the assistance of God or Spirit can be especially helpful in times of difficulty when we are facing problems and bad times, that, quite frankly, neither we nor the Law of Attraction will ever be able to provide an adequate explanation for.

But, when the time is right and the most advantageous karmic conditions are available, God will help us to attract these good things into our life. . . if we ask.

That is why one of my favorite prayers is:

“God, I place my future into Your Hands.  I surrender my will over to You.  Please enter my thoughts, feelings, and actions.  Thank You for already solving all of my problems for me.  How may I serve You today?”

Saying these words intently will help create a shift in your consciousness so that you can move from a state of wanting your dreams to come true to Knowing they will come true when the time is right.

In Light,

Matthew Welsh, Esq. Creator of — The News Source for Spiritual Entertainment —

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Reprinted from Matthew Welsh’s Spiritual Media Blog Newsletter. For more information about Spiritual Media Blog please visit


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