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Independence Day 2021

Hi 'folks'! We all know that the 4th of July is Independence day. It is a public holiday in the USA that commemorates the adoption of the Declaration of Independence on July 4, 1776 ... which declared the original colonies to be free from British rule. You could even say it's a 'BIRTH'' of a nation! And, like a birthday, one hopes for peace and prosperity and freedom.

Perhaps it was destiny or so-called fate that after the 'fighting' the UK and the USA has a special 'relationship' .... not unlike the one you have between your heart and soul and your mind. All life is connected. We all link humanity as one species and everyone serves each other in some way, shape or form ... and as such, it's not independence we should celebrate but really our 'oneness'.

So, wherever you are and whatever you are doing this weekend, be it BBQ's/ gatherings/ fireworks/dinners ... may our unity dismiss colour and creed and religion in the knowledge God only sees us as whole and together. May this day also be a reminder of this to us all. Have a fab and safe time. Peace. (AFY)

One for the ladies .... err ... no that's not me btw! Ha ha.

Today's top tip: Comprehend that ... in unity we fall, and united we stand.


From my speaking Heart:

Independence Day

"Your divinity (in my eyes and inside your own heart), is not measured by the style or size of home in which you live, or the vehicle you drive or even the clothes you wear. One’s race, colour or creed has no influence either. This is because your soul and higher self is revealed from, through and to love, and this connection to me is unbroken by time, space, or dimension, so it can be said we are ‘united’ in love.

Remember, you illuminate from your heart’s centre and, depending upon your life and karmic balance, radiate and shine in beautiful plumes of colour or a crystallized pink.

You must understand and grow through experience and wisdom, knowing you are one with me, only existing from, through and to love. If this were not the case, then why do you exist, and what would your true being and purpose be?

By being ‘still’ and meditating upon your heart, you are embarking on the journey, and like a boat within the ocean of my love, it will carry you towards your destination … peace and rest for all eternity. I urge you not to worry about oars or sails, to steer or speed you along, because my grace will do this for you.

Have faith in yourself and you will then have faith in me ... it is all you need. This vessel (your physical body), will come across many turbulent seas and storms, but through your strength and conviction you can easily overcome them, because the truth will bring you to calmer, clearer, and shallower waters.

Appreciate that I am the shoreline as it guides your path back to me. I am by your side and upon every wave of emotion emanating from inside you. Of course, there will be times when you feel as if your boat is going to upturn, or perhaps flounder upon some hidden rock, but try to ignore these feelings from the mind and follow your heart instead.

Therefore, recognize me as your true self, with no secret agenda or meaning. Love and truth is simple, so simply ‘be’. I shall cast aside the turbulence of any troubled thought attempting to pull you down; you only have to understand this to know the truth.

One day or night, when your soul has acknowledged this, you will ascend upon the radiating coil of light between us. Your vessel will no longer be required or needed, serving you well by completing its purpose - if you have looked after it.

You will then come ashore, for you will have remembered me above all things. Your hand will be in mine, with our hearts entwined and united for all eternity, in the recognition we are ‘one’. I love you all, always. Amen."



PS. Remember, while your mind believes you are an individual-independent from each other-we are all connected as 'one'. No wave is separate from the ocean of love.

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