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I want you to ride upon it, like a crest of wave.

As you make your way through life, you may imagine that each day can be either a blessing or a curse. Well, the crucial thing to note here is how you approach your work and rest and play and relationships ... and also how you react to anything and everything. The key question to ask yourself is, "How can I become a beacon of joy?

And, because we each have the same amount of seconds, minutes, and hours in a day to utilise, we each have the choice what to do with that time we have been given. So, what can you create both within and around you? The truth here is that every action you become engaged in must be done with purpose and meaning and sincerity and integrity ... and if this takes place, you will soon find that whatever you undertake simply occurs by itself - the outcome becomes thought-less, and the results just take care of themselves!

Another way to help you acheive this natural flow is to just ride life like a crest of the wave! It doesn't mean you can't plan, or if you don't plan you plan to fail. No, it means allowing God to guide you every step (or surf) of the way. But can you? Will you?

Powerful eh?


From my speaking heart ...

I want you to ride upon it, like a crest of the wave.

"When you acknowledge your steps are taken through me (and with me), your life will change forever. How can this be so? Well, when you implicitly place your trust in me (and in yourself), the outcome for your long-term well-being is assured. This is a certainty, just as the Sun rises to a new dawn each day.

Believe me, when I state you have such a special opportunity in this lifetime to step off the rebirth treadmill, so do not wait one ... or even 1000 new 'lifetimes'. You have been down the road of failed aspirations and dreams before, so make the changes in your life ... if change is what you require.

Appreciate too, that your love is more powerful and beautiful than you could ever imagine. If pours from the reservoir of my heart, which is always full and flows to, through, and from you. I want you to ride upon it, like a crest of the wave, enjoying the journey to the shore of eternal peace and tranquility.

As ypu make your way on this earth-plane journey, know that you become an expression of my love when you display compasion and kindness ... for you light up the path inside other people's hearts and souls ... and thereby complete your very own Creation too! Amen."



PS. Remember, I am with you (amd within you) at all times ... so I am here, there, and everywhere to help and support you in your endeavors and tasks upon your enlightened road and the journey.

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